Navigating Updates and Opportunities: April’s Network & Drinks Edition

As April drew to a close, the NL Space Campus Network & Drinks event once again brought together space enthusiasts for an evening of updates, pitches, and networking. Despite the holiday coming up, attendees gathered with anticipation for the latest happenings in the space industry. Over 80 visitors were welcomed last week.  

Updates from NL Space Campus 

During this gathering, NL Space Campus offers updates about exciting events and opportunities that are coming up.   

GeoSpatial World Forum (GWF) 

GeoSpatial World Forum (GWF), will take place from 13-16 May 2024, in Rotterdam. This global gathering of geospatial professionals showcases geospatial initiatives and provides valuable networking opportunities for those in the field. ITC University of Twente is a part of Dutch Pavilion at the GeoSpatial World Forum. Being partner of the One Space Hub Project, ITC is supporting Space data initiatives and broader connections on a national level. 

LDE NL Space Campus Summer School 

The LDE NL Space Campus Summer School offers a unique opportunity for students interested in pursuing a career in the space industry. Participants will embark on a week-long journey, exploring various space programs, developments, and research activities. From tours of space agencies to workshops on space technology, the summer school provides a comprehensive overview of the space sector. Additionally, participants will have the chance to develop important soft skills such as collaboration and creative thinking through team-building exercises and networking opportunities. 

GeoData Fusion Hackathon 2024

Innovation takes centre stage with the GeoData Fusion Hackathon, scheduled for 13, 14 & 17 June 2024. This collaborative event brings together participants from diverse backgrounds to develop solutions using satellite data. With challenges ranging from offshore wind farm impact to soil monitoring, the hackathon provides a platform for creative problem-solving and real-world impact. Participate in #GDFHackathon24 and stand a chance to win up to €20,000 for your pilot project with the Ministry of Infrastructure & Water Management. To secure your spot in the hackathon, pre-register now to receive timely updates about the event.  

Pre-register here 

Official registration will open soon, and in case of high demand, teams will be selected based on motivation and backgrounds to ensure diverse and interdisciplinary participation. 

Updates from SBIC 

SBIC Noordwijk has shared some exciting news for space entrepreneurs. Here’s what’s on: 

The recent spring selection rounds for ESA’s open call for ideas have concluded, and SBIC is excited to welcome a new cohort of startups. These selected startups bring fresh ideas and enthusiasm to the vibrant community at SBIC Noordwijk. 

Master class ‘’Unlock the Secrets of Your Company’s Financing’’ hosted by community partner of SBIC, Masters of Scale, will take place on 30 May. This masterclass is tailored to help you navigate the complex world of startup financing and set to be an interactive experience. 

SBIC Noordwijk is currently on the lookout for a dynamic individual to join their team as a Business Development Manager. This exciting opportunity calls for someone with a passion for space exploration and a keen interest in innovative space tech applications on Earth. As the successful candidate, you’ll play a pivotal role in managing the ESA’s Technology Broker NL, collaborating closely with the Dutch technology broker of the European Space Agency (ESA). Your responsibilities will include solving industrial challenges using space technology, facilitating technology transfer activities, scouting potential applicants for the ESA BIC Noordwijk programme, and providing essential business support to startups. Visit this page to learn more about the vacancy:  

Entrepreneurs dreaming of launching their space business in 2024 are invited to join SBIC’s Ignition Programme. This pre-incubation trajectory is specially designed to prepare startups for the ESA BIC programme, offering invaluable support and guidance along the way. Applications for the Ignition Programme 2024 are now open, with the deadline set for 22nd May. 

Ask the Community  

In the recent session of “Ask the Community,” the ESA Technology Broker NL and an Innovation Broker of the Topsector High Tech Systems and Materials Holland High Tech addressed the question of “How to bring your space business to a different sector?” Held during Network and Drinks, attendees had the opportunity to engage with brokers Raoul Voeten and Corneel Bogaert, as well as Business Management interns Jelle van Zundert and Saurab den Butter. They provided insights into integrating space innovations into other sectors.  

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For those unable to attend, or for further inquiries, contacting us or is encouraged 

Pitch from Aether Robot Team 

One of the highlights of the evening was the pitch from the Aether Robot Team, a group of passionate students aiming to revolutionize space exploration. Their CubeSat project, featuring an innovative inflatable heatshield, promises to open new frontiers in microgravity experiments. With a dedicated team and ambitious goals, the Aether Robot Team embodies the spirit of innovation driving the space industry forward. 

The young team of ambitious students is looking to collaborate with other student initiatives and space organisations and learn from other experts from the field. As an organisation or fellow student team, you can reach out to them by sending an email to  

Do you want to pitch yourself during the next editions? Anyone who wants to share their initiative, organisation or project on stage, is welcome to apply for a 3-minute pitch. You can fill out this form, and we’ll get back to you. 

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Don’t Miss the New Edition 30 May at 5 PM 

The next edition of Network and Drinks will take place on Thursday, 30 May, at 5 PM. There will be new pitches on stage and a brand new Ask The Community with the question, ‘How do you collaborate with the Ministry of Defence?’  

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