Together with our partners and community we aim to provide the optimal environment for startups, scale-ups and SME’s to flourish. With ESA ESTEC on-campus and the upcoming CometLab youโ€™ll get access to office space, meeting rooms and technical facilities such as clean rooms, CNC machines and ESTECโ€™s world-class testing facilities. With the technical facilities and extensive community combined, NL Space Campus is the ideal landing spot for space innovations.


By (co-)organising events where you can connect with our community, we facilitate the chance encounters that so often spark new partnerships and ideas. Uncover new possibilities and connect with the space sector at our hackathons, curiosity series, monthly NL Space Campus Network & Drinks or other community events.


We believe in the power of connecting people and organisations across sectors to create impact. Our community brings together the knowledge and network of world-class universities, leading research institutes, renowned space organisations like ESA ESTEC and many more. Join our community and tap into a vast source of space expertise, talent and connections.


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You can easily join the campus community by signing up our monthly Community Update.ย This way you’ll stay updated on everything that happens at and around NL Space Campus. Become an active member by attending our community events, or initiating a project!

Yes, we’d gladly help you find the office space and facilities that you need. Email us at info@nlspacecampus.eu so we can discuss what you’re looking for.

Of course, you are more than welcome! The purpose of our events is to connect the curious, including you. Especially our monthly NL Space Campus Network & Drinks, on every last Thursday of the month, is a mixture of like-minded people from all walks of life: from students to entrepreneurs to partners like ESA ESTEC, Netherlands Space Office (NSO) and SpaceNed. All you have to do is register beforehand via the events page.ย 

Yes, we’re here to facilitate collaborations! Email us at info@nlspacecampus.eu and we’ll gladly help you get connected to the right people and organisations.

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3AS 9339
LDE NL Space Campus Summer School is a one-week programme tailored for both bachelor’s and master’s students that opens doors to the Dutch space sector. It provides opportunities to gain insights into space agencies, the space industry with topics such as law, business and (satellite) technology, develop interdisciplinary skills, and build a network within the industry.ย ย ย ย ย 
ESA Open Day The Space Week
Whether you are an individual who wants to know more, come with your whole family, or want to join as a company: there is something in The Space Week for everyone.
Showcase Tech Broker
The ESA Technology Broker Network is a dedicated consortium of specialists uniting space and non-space industries for the purpose of technology transfer. With a blend of market insight and technological expertise, this

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and share decades of knowledge and experience.ย 


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