Geo-Data Fusion Hackathon 2024

June 13, 2024
- June 17, 2024


As a government, we want to show that we use satellite data for societal purposes and see more potential and future in this. One way we do this is by stimulating the development of solutions to social issues of the Ministry of Infrastructure & Water Management, using space and earth observation data and complementing it with available datasets. This hackathon acts as a means to develop concepts and prototypes that can lead to greater awareness internally and externally of the potential of satellite data, develop feasible projects and create possible business activity. The winning party will be given the opportunity to run a pilot project through NSO or I&W.

On 13 & 14 June 2024, hackers will compete to get their workable prototypes, with possible solutions, ready for the final presentation. The programme consists of a variety of brainstorming rounds, workshops, and knowledge sessions, surrounded by Hackathon ingredients, which will help participants arrive at the best prototypes.Β In 2 days, up to 50 participants, divided into up to 10 teams, will compete to develop and present the best solutions with satellite data, for solutions to the Ministry of I&W’s submitted use cases.Β Finalists will present their solutions on 17 June, open to Ministry of I&W staff, NSO and in the presence of experts from the downstream sector. Participants in the hackathon can win up to 25k for a pilot project for the Ministry of I&W.

The challenges are:

1: Impact Offshore wind farms in the North Sea
2: Parking in perspective
3: Soil monitoring

Participants enter by open application, where a certain level of professional knowledge of working with satellite data is desired/required. To this end, we are targeting industry professionals, start-ups, scale-ups, students and organisations working on this topic and/or working with satellite data.

The jury will consist of experts from NSO, I&W and space data experts from the field, with knowledge of the entire process of bringing solutions to the market. This includes business cases, startups, data science, algorithm knowledge and knowledge of the current satellite data applications market.

Find more information about the hackathon and how you can join on the website of the hackathon.