Registrations open 6th CASSINI Hackathon: Could EU Space Data provide solutions to support sustainable development?

The 6thΒ CASSINI Hackathon will focus on innovative solutions to advance international development and humanitarian aid. Participants are invited to explore the ways that space data could be used to plan and monitor infrastructure, improve food security, provide clean water, or monitor the causes of forced migration – transforming lives in vulnerable communities all over the […]

Kids from Noordwijk know how to build spaceships

After 2019, things fell silent due to corona. Last July, there was again a flurry of hammering, sawing, and painting on the grass field near the ‘s-Gravendijckseweg. The hut building that happens every year on the field right in the middle of campus was back. This year’s theme? Hut Building Noordwijk goes into space. The […]