Registrations open 6th CASSINI Hackathon: Could EU Space Data provide solutions to support sustainable development?

The 6th CASSINI Hackathon will focus on innovative solutions to advance international development and humanitarian aid. Participants are invited to explore the ways that space data could be used to plan and monitor infrastructure, improve food security, provide clean water, or monitor the causes of forced migration – transforming lives in vulnerable communities all over the world. 

“Space for International Development and Humanitarian Aid” will be held at 11 locations in Europe on the 3rd and 5thof November. It’s open to all participants with an interest in space technologies or international development and humanitarian activities. At the event, they’ll be provided with the knowledge and tools they need to utilise EU space data and signals. Then, they are challenged to develop a solution for one of three key challenges.

Making a difference Tackling major global issues like food security and climate change, the sixth edition of the hackathon will revolve around three themes:

  1. Supporting sustainable infrastructure development. A strong national infrastructure facilitates critical services, promotes opportunities, and stimulates economic growth. Can you create a solution that supports the development of renewable energy, transport and mobility, or connectivity infrastructure?
  2. Strengthening food security and access to clean water. Tackling the urgent global issues rooted in the scarcity of food and clean water, we’re challenging participants to explore how space technologies can be better prepared for humanitarian crises and more effectively manage precious resources.
  3. Understanding and forecasting forced migration. In this challenge, we’re looking for solutions that will help authorities to predict population movements from vulnerable areas. How can space data help us manage logistics, resources, and transportation during difficult times?

Utilising EU Space Data and Signals

Stefan Schneider, Space Downstream Entrepreneurship Officer at EUSPA, says:

“This edition of the CASSINI Hackathons stands out due to its distinctive opportunity to leverage the potential of EU space data and information in addressing worldwide challenges that impact not only Europe but also countries and populations across the globe. Our capacity to attract talented individuals with diverse skills and backgrounds consistently ignites innovative and inspiring ideas and we are excited to see this lifted to a global level. The EU Space Programme and its flagships Copernicus, Galileo, and EGNOS, offer a wealth of data that can be used for international development and humanitarian aid, supporting tasks such as infrastructure development, fortifying food security, ensuring clean water access, and planning humanitarian endeavours. In a world where the far-reaching consequences of climate change and global conflicts are keenly felt, the central theme of the 6th CASSINI Hackathon holds great significance. We eagerly anticipate the next wave of space-based solutions emerging from the upcoming hackathon.”

In the Netherlands, the winning team will receive a cash prize of €650 plus an equal donation to a humanitarian cause of their choice. There will be another prize of €200 awarded to the team with the best presentation. Both teams will also be published on, one of Europe’s leading platforms for the promotion of the use of satellite data.

About the organiser In the Netherlands, this edition will be co-organised by dotSPACE foundation and Royal Haskoning DHV. dotSPACE is focusing on driving the use of Earth Observation data to build solutions for critical challenges in public health, food security, smart cities, and agriculture. The foundation also runs, a rich resource featuring news about opportunities and developments in the sector. Royal Haskoning DHV is a global company of more than 6,000 engineering professionals united by the mission to build a sustainable future.

Registration for the 6th CASSINI Hackathon is now open:

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