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A campus, next to being made up out of hardware such as buildings, facilities and land, exists above all of the people. They need to be able to meet each other. We stimulate meetings and accidental encounters. It is a fine art of organising coincidence by continuously balancing innovation programmes, by enthusiastic community management and by developing the area in the best way possible.

The municipality of Noordwijk adopted end of 2020 unanimously the strategic area vision and an indicative businesscase for the development of a modular Basecamp. This Basecamp aims to accelerate the development in the area, activate the plan area and facilitate and stimulate parties to meet and collaborate.

Phased Development

NL Space Campus area currently is in the first of three planned phases of area development. This offers unique possibilities for ‘early adopters’ to become part of NL Space Campus, especially for start-ups and talents.

NL Space Campus has adopted a phased development approach that offers the desired flexibility to respond to new developments with room for the wishes and insights of initiators and stakeholders in the area.

Discover your opportunities

We have opportunities for talents, start-ups, scale-ups and businesses to work at or locate to the Campus. If you are interested in the benefits of being a part of NL Space Campus, let’s talk and discuss your wishes and our possibilities.

Raoul Voeten
Raoul Voeten

Commercial programme Manager

+31 71 203 2000 info@nlspacecampus.eu