Networking, Insights, and Innovation: Highlights from the NL Space Campus Network & Drinks May 2024

The NL Space Campus Network & Drinks event, which took place on 30 May, provided professionals in the space industry with a valuable platform for networking and exploration of potential collaborations. 

Updates from the NL Space Campus and SBIC Noordwijk 

Attendees received updates from the NL Space Campus and SBIC Noordwijk.  NL Space Campus invited to join the GeoData Fusion Hackathon (applications closed) and some spots still left for the LDE NL Space Campus Summer School 2024.

SBIC Noordwijk announced series of insightful summer events for the community and beyond:  

  1. The ESA BIC Noordwijk 2024 Info Session (Fall Webinar 1) will introduce the business incubation programme of the European Space Agency (ESA), providing a general overview of the programme and its benefits, including zero-equity funding, technical and business support, branding, visibility, exclusive events, and access to the international space community and investors. This webinar aims to help potential applicants prepare for the fall selection deadline of 16 October 2024.  
  1. In June you can join the Masterclass: Raising Money as a Hot Tech Startup, where entrepreneur, founder, and investor Mathieu Goudot will share real-world scenarios and personal experiences from his extensive career in fundraising. The masterclass will cover practical tips on reviving stalled fundraising processes, generating investor interest, and avoiding common mistakes. Mathieu will provide insights from his time as a founder and investor, offering advice tailored to tech startups, especially those in the space sector. This event is open to all, free for SBIC community members, and offers a 50% discount for students. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn valuable fundraising strategies from a seasoned expert. 

Ask the Community: How to collaborate with the Ministry of Defence 

A highlight of the event was the “Ask the Community” session, where Hugo Leyte from FRONT and David de Groot from MIND – COMMIT shared their insights on collaborating with the Ministry of Defence. Hugo Leyte addressed the participants with a powerful message. The extended article about this topic will be published soon on our website. 


The evening featured three pitches, each offering unique opportunities and services for tech and innovation. These included Alien Technology Transfer’s EIC Accelerator funding insights, De Leidse Instrumentmakers School’s precision engineering education looking for projects, and PilQrim Consulting’s expertise in quantum sensing, offering ESA’s consulting experience. 

AlienTT: EIC Accelerator Funding Opportunities for Startups 

AlienTT showcased the EIC Accelerator funding program, emphasizing its role in helping startups secure over 450 million euros in public funding. AlienTT’s AI grant writing assistant was a key highlight, capable of producing a 50-page grant application in seven minutes. Additionally, AlienTT supports startups with equity financing and private investments, having raised over 200 million euros in total. Their extensive network and innovative tools position AlienTT as a vital partner for startups seeking funding. You can reach out to Alien TT if you are want to experience the tool for your startup via 

De Leidse Instrumentmakers School: Precision Engineering Clients Needed 

LIS, with over 120 years of history, offers specialised training in precision engineering. The school, founded in 1901, trains students in two main tracks: instrument maker and research instrument maker. With a focus on research and development, medical high-tech, and aerospace, LIS provides a large workshop for real-world problem-solving. External partners can benefit from LIS’s manufacturing capabilities, advice, and extensive network, although services involving hardware costs are not government-subsidised. If you have a project or instrument you would like to collaborate on with students from the LiS, please reach out to Frank Molser:  

ESA PilQrim Consulting: Quantum Sensing for Earth Observation 

PilQrim Consulting delved into quantum sensing, highlighting its potential for Earth observation applications. The team, with 22 years of combined experience, offers services ranging from sensor overviews to application-specific assessments. Emphasizing the strategic advantages of early adoption, PilQrim Consulting provides unbiased advice, helping clients navigate the complexities of quantum sensing without any vested interest in the technology’s adoption. You can contact PilQrim via

Do you want to pitch yourself during a future edition? 

Anyone who wants to share their initiative, organisation or project on stage, is welcome to apply for a 3-minute pitch. You can fill out this form, and we’ll get back to you.  

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Don’t Miss The New Edition On 27 June At 5 PM 

The next edition of Network and Drinks will take place on Thursday, 27 June, 5 PM. This will be the last edition before the summer break and focuses on financing and funding.  

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There will be new pitches on stage and a brand new Ask The Community with a question about financing and funding for startups.  

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