Workshop: Essential Insurance for Startups – How to avoid and reduce risk

March 28, 2024
- March 28, 2024

Source: SBIC Noordwijk / Eventbrite

The landscape of reducing risk is clear. But the different kind of options what and how to insure are huge. This workshop will give you an insight into some of the essentials.

Are you a startup founder trying to figure out the best possible ways to protect yourself and your company? Or is getting reliable insurance coverage not at the top of your priority list?

Don’t wait too long because defining and choosing the right insurance can mean the difference between success and failure of your business startup.

Workshop focus

In this workshop, we will give you a view of essential insurances for startups. For you as an founder/owner, for your employees and for the company itself.

We will explore:

1. Liability

2. Assets

3. Health risks/injury insurance/illness of personnel

4. Transportation

About the presenter:

Onno van Veen is the owner/founder of Adviesbureau van Veen BV, a consultancy for entrepreneurs. Adviesbureau van Veen BV is known for helping clients with a variety of insurance choices and responding to their client’s needs. Having been doing this for almost 30 years, Onno brings a wealth of knowledge, practical insights and expertise to this workshop.

This event is free for SBIC community members; students get a 50% discount!