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Meet Nora van den Heuvel, our newest addition to the NL Space Campus team! Master student Space Engineering, bringing with her a passion for space technology and a talent for creativity. Nora works on visual designs, our event platform and supports organising events, while pursuing her master’s degree in Space Exploration at the Aerospace Engineering faculty of TU Delft. With a background in aerospace engineering and leadership in projects like the Da Vinci Satellite, Nora’s vision for NL Space Campus includes fostering collaboration and innovation, providing a pathway for aspiring space professionals in the Netherlands. 


Nora’s journey into the world of space began in Houston (Texas, USA), “When I was younger my parents and I lived in Houston, Texas. Here my interest in science developed because of some inspiring teachers I had. But because we were in Houston, we visited the Houston Space Center quite often. Here you could walk next to a Saturn V rocket. Nora shares, reflecting on her early fascination with space: “Ever since I have been fascinated with space exploration.” 

Nora is in her first year of a master’s programme, focusing on the details of space dynamics and exploration, “I am taking courses on exploring space and how space dynamics work.” She started studying aerospace engineering in 2019, and during her bachelor’s, she led the Da Vinci Satellite project as the Commissioner of Bachelor Affairs at VSV ‘Leonardo da Vinci,’ demonstrating her leadership and technical skills. Apart from her studies and work, she likes playing tennis, reading books, and playing the piano, which adds joy to her life outside of her academic and professional pursuits.


Nora sees her job at NL Space Campus as a perfect match for her technical studies. “Since my studies are very technical, I sometimes miss the opportunity to use my creativity. At the NL Space Campus, I can use this creativity and further develop my soft skills to complement my technical background,” Nora explains. This combination of classroom learning, and hands-on experience helps Nora develop a wide range of skills anyone would benefit from for a future career. 


Looking ahead, Nora sees NL Space Campus as a vibrant hub where individuals passionate about space can come together, collaborate, and innovate. She believes the campus will not only help create innovative projects but also offer a clear perspective for young people who want to pursue a career in space in the Netherlands. 

Nora a full team member of NL Space Campus, where students can reach out to and offers a connection between students and the community of NL Space Campus. You can reach out to Nora by sending an email to students@nlspacecampus.eu 

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