The Space Week – recap day 5 ISD 2022 and NL Space Campus Network & Drinks XL

 #TheSpaceWeekNL recap video of day 5: connecting the curious

Day 5 on Thursday was the second and last day of the Industry Space Days conference where SME’s and the rest of the space industry came together.

The day ended with the legendary and renowned NL Space Campus Network&Drinks XL and was moderated by NL Space Campus Director Esther Peters.


As NL Space Campus we stimulate open innovation and connect the curious. Every last Thursday of the month at the NL Space Campus in SBIC Noordwijk around 80 people participate and always with new people, new connections, ideas and great pitches of start-ups and new initiatives. 

The September Edition, as part of The Space Week 2022, was an amazing success! Over 300 people turned up to connect: young and old, national and international. Summerschool students and students from Delft, Leiden, Rotterdam and beyond. ESA Young Graduates. Startups and scaleups. Businesses and policy makers. An incredibly mixed group of people that was connecting. Beautiful to see! 

Connecting at the photobooth, the ice cream truck, with a live DJ, phenomenal food, drinks and our new invention: sharing cards. You offer what you have to share, and someone can benefit from your offer!

As usual we offered the stage to multiple pitches. This time the stage was for Thomas Parry from Spherical Systems, Karina Wardak-Fluegel about the Cassini Matchmaking project, and Naraya Prasad from SatSearch. Completely new this time, was an impromptu round of 1-minute pitches. Great from whoever who took the stage spontaneously! Thank you so much Julian Rothenbuchner Tumbleweed | Paul Straathof HomeWizard Energy | Rene Olie Space for Business | Space Panel from PLNT Leiden | Plutogravitas | VSV ‘Leonardo da Vinci’ | Calvin Grootenboer LDE NL Space Campus Summerschool | Timo van Spelden  AQUILO Rocket Team

We are super thankful for the support from SpaceNed and all our other partners, and most of all thankful for the great mixture of people, the positive energy and enthusiastic reactions. An incredibly positive energy where everyone walked away with at least 1 new contact, 1 new idea, and 1 new action to fuel open innovation. We’ve seen so many happy faces! 

Got excited? Block the last Thursday of the month (except Christmas and Summer Holiday), from 5pm till 7pm, in your calendar for NL Space Campus Network & Drinks! You can already register for the upcoming edition in October here.


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