The Space Week – recap day 4 ISD 2022 and ESA Commercial Gateway event

#TheSpaceWeekNL day 4: Time flies when you’re having fun!

Day 4 marked the start of the 10th edition of the Industry Space Days by European Space Agency – ESA at ESA/ESTEC, as part of #TheSpaceWeekNL. An energetic day full of conference sessions, parallel sessions, showcases and networking meetings where SME’s, businesses and the rest of the space community connected with each other!

This year the ISD 2022 being part of The Space Week and combined with the European Space Agency – ESA Commercial Gateway event, the ISD is even bigger than before with over 2000 attendees from all over Europe. The ISDD 2022 is organised by the SME Office in the ESA Commercialisation Department to foster cooperation between different actors in the entire space sector. A large business to business event where meeting potential partners and networking is the most important goal. There are also content sessions from ESA for investors, companies and space projects that are happening at ESA and future plans are discussed and explained. This international B2B event is happening on NL Space Campus, and we are excited to be here as facilitator as well as with our booth and offer more networking and business opportunities.

We ended the day with ESA’s ESA Commercialisation Gateway event at Space Expo Noordwijk. Luca del Monte, head of commercialisation at ESA, welcomed the network from all over Europe including ESA BIC’s, Technology brokers, Investors and partners from all over the continent. The evening was organised and hosted by Martijn Leinweber from Space Business Innovation Centre Noordwijk, together with Esther Peters who welcomed everyone on behalf of NL Space Campus in Noordwijk:

  • The evening opened with a warm message from Constantijn Van Oranje-Nassau
  • + 15 startups took the stage for their 1-minute pitch
  • Revolv Space officially signed with ESA BIC Noordwijk and joined their incubator!

Startup pitches at this event were from:

Meandair | satsearch | Marmoris | Space DOTS® Ltd | Preceptech Ltd | VOLTA Structural Energy | Sorair Technologies | Revolv Space | STRATOSYST

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