NL Space Week Kick-Off: Setting the Stage for an Inclusive and Engaging Experience

Representatives from various organisations of the Dutch space industry came together at SBIC Noordwijk this May to initiate conversations about the forthcoming NL Space Week. From leading institutions and seasoned professionals to curious enthusiasts, the Kick-Off gathering signifies the start of an inclusive and engaging experience coming up this autumn. 

NL Space Week Overview 

NL Space Week, an initiative by NL Space Campus in collaboration with ESA ESTEC and the Dutch space sector, aims to make the space sector more attractive, accessible and appealing to all.

Through various initiatives, NL Space Week aims to do so in three ways: 

  • Demystifying space: NL Space Week invites people of all ages to learn about the space industry and its diverse opportunities. 
  • Uniting Communities: By bringing together organizations and individuals, NL Space Week showcases the importance of the space sector and its positive impact on society. 
  • Building Connections: NL Space Week fosters collaborations and connections among people from diverse backgrounds, including entrepreneurs, professionals, and the general public. 

Participants ranging from students to policymakers and industry experts are invited to join NL Space Week, where inclusivity is key. 

What to Expect This Year 

As NL Space Week unfolds, attendees can anticipate an array of engaging events designed to cater to diverse interests and backgrounds. From insightful discussions on the utilisation of Space Data to solve today’s societal challenges, to collaborative sessions at the Network & Impact Event, there are opportunities for meaningful interactions and knowledge sharing. The ESA Open Days on October 5-6 once again promise an immersive experience, allowing visitors to explore the latest advancements in space technology and research. Not to mention this year’s unique events such as the 35th Planetary Congress of the Association of Space Explorers with over 100+ astronauts visiting The Netherlands, and the NL MOONSHOTS ’24 programme with 250+ students working on space innovations. With a lineup featuring various activities and discussions, NL Space Week offers something for everyone interested in the space industry and its implications for society. 

Visit the website of NL Space Week to learn more about upcoming activities and sign up for the newsletter: 

How Can You Participate? 

Participation in NL Space Week goes beyond attendance. Collaborate with NL Space Week organisers to host or co-organize events. Share information about NL Space Week with your network. Have questions or want to get involved? Please, contact Kartika Sidabutar ( 

NL Space Week invites everyone to join in this celebration of the space industry, fostering connections and inspiring curiosity. Powered by NL Space Campus, in partnership with ESA ESTEC and the Dutch space sector, NL Space Week promises an enriching experience for all: there is space for everyone. 

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