Navigate To The Future during The Space Week including video & pictures

Navigate To The Future during The Space Week including video & pictures

The day after! We’re looking back at an incredibly fruitful edition of Navigate To The Future where space and non-space people and businesses connected with each other. We want to thank everyone who joined Navigate To The Future at Space Expo in Noordwijk, as part of The Space Week 2022! From inspiring panel discussions to new ideas for space data applications, to mind blowing start-/scaleup pitches, to the festive and official launch of GNSS CoE: this was an energetic afternoon, moderated by Monique van Dusseldorp, to never forget!

A few highlights:

As part of the interactive sessions, 2 winners were awarded with vouchers that gave them access to a 4-hours brainstorming session with GNSS CoE!

Janneke de Boer made a live drawing of the event as it was happening! While the panels, pitches and sessions were happening, she captured snippets of them in the drawing.

A big thank you to:

All panel members and pitchers who joined to share their knowledge and experience in the field:

– Panel 1: Bas Van Der Hoeven, Stefan Schneider and Thijs Oosterhuis who discussed the opportunities of space data for space and non-space parties.

– Panel 2: Carlien Roodink, Koen Hiemstra and Arnaud van den Berg who shared with us examples of how to successfully move from innovation operation using space data.

– Start-/scaleup pitches: Niels Klink from Mapture.AI, Reda Meftahi from SurveyIntelligence and Parya Pascha from Marmoris.

Also a big thank you all organisations who collaborated with us to organise the event and official launch of GNSS CoE: NLR, CGI, S&T, Groundstation.Space and EUSPA. With an introduction talk from Peter Diez.

Missed it? Check out the pictures and the aftermovie below, and visit the office of NL Space Campus in Noordwijk to view the result of the live drawing by Janneke de Boer who captured the entire event on paper!

Pictures by Genevieve Porter:
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Aftermovie by Studio Bravoure:

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*Navigate To The Future was part of the very first edition of The Space Week in 2022, organised by NL Space Campus in strong collaboration with ESA ESTEC and Leiden 2022 The European City of Science and many space partners. Visit The Space Week website for more information about the entire programme.

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