Looking back Network & Drinks February 2023

With over 120 people attending, this was the best visited Network & Drinks up till now, a fantastic start of the new year!

To warm up the crowd and to get answers from you, we started off with some questions. One of the burning questions was: “Why did you join the Network & Drinks?” Maybe a straightforward question, but definitely one that comes with multiple choice: “For the pitches”, “For the drinks”, “For the job board”, “For the networking”, or “For the updates”? It was a tie to be sure. And the answer to the question “Have you been at Network & Drinks before?”, like every edition, over one-third of the people were new to the networking event. Every last Thursday of the month there will be new people, companies and ideas to get connected to when you join NL Space Campus Network & Drinks.

Further on in this edition we offered pitches from:

The Da Vinci Satellite project that will launch their satellite later this year from the SpaceX launch site in Florida. This group of students from VSV Leonardo Da Vinci is offering an entire educational programme within this project, and you can be part of the project. You can read more about their initiative here.

Next up was Spaceborn United. Have you ever wondered how human conception and embryo development in space can be feasible and it eventually may be possible to create human pregnancy and birth in space? This biotech company may have the solution to this current challenge for future life in space.

Startup Agcurate focuses on challenges from an agricultural viewpoint and offers accurate and rich rural agricultural intelligence as a service. Interesting for any agribusiness, -finance and governmental projects.

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You can watch the aftermovie and the exciting stories of the startups here:

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