Looking back at High Tech Event 2023: Space takes a large role in the vision for 2030

The Holland High Tech EVENT 2023 was a platform for celebrating achievements, discussing challenges, and showcasing innovative solutions set to impact urgent transitions in our society. It was a day of collaboration, inspiration, and innovation, culminating in the launch of Vision 2030, a forward-looking strategy focusing particularly on high-tech’s role in major societal changes.


The event’s opening, led by Simone van Trier and Marc Hendrikse, provided insights into the Dutch high-tech sector. Keynote speaker David Rowan emphasized the importance of significant societal contributions through high-tech. The discussions ranged from future energy systems, circular economy concepts, and the essential role of innovation in shaping our future.


Another area of focus was the Netherlands’ strong suit in space exploration. In a segment that included a video followed by a panel discussion on stage, Kees Buijsrogge from TNO, alongside Rob Postma of Airbus and Maarten van Aalst from KNMI, shed light on the active role of the Netherlands in space. They highlighted topics like international collaboration, the measurement of greenhouse gas emissions, safety, and laser satellite communication. The Netherlands is increasingly recognized in the global space sector. Kees Buijsrogge, Director of Space and Scientific Instrumentation at TNO, said: 

“Although the Netherlands is a small country with a constrained budget, we have an impressive standing in several areas, notably in optical instruments. This covers climate, air and ground purification, connectivity, digitization, and safety.” 


Vision 2030 showcases the Netherlands’ dedication to a future that’s both sustainable and filled with innovation. The focus is on practical, achievable goals: enhancing energy efficiency, promoting circularity, and leveraging digital technologies. By 2030, the Netherlands aims to be at the forefront of these domains, with space technology being a key driver. The Holland High Tech EVENT 2023 emphasised the Netherlands’ aim to be at the forefront of space technology and innovation, moving towards a future that’s both green and smart.

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