Largest Dutch movie premiere ever on October 4 at Ziggo Dome Amsterdam during ASE Planetary Congress 2024. André Kuipers’ Beyond Ode to the Earth

With music by Vangelis and a special contribution by Armin van Buuren. In theatres throughout the Netherlands from October 10 onwards. 

On 4 October 2024, the film “Beyond,” marking André Kuipers’ directorial debut, will have its festive premiere at Ziggo Dome Amsterdam. As part of an international astronauts congress in our country, the largest Dutch movie premiere ever will take place. André Kuipers will present his unique musical film experience “Beyond” on a 22-meter-wide screen at Ziggo Dome to around 100 fellow astronauts from all over the world. In “Beyond,” André showcases the infinite beauty of our Earth, as seen from space through the eyes of an astronaut. “Beyond” will be available in theaters throughout the Netherlands from 10 October. 

Music by Vangelis and Armin van Buuren

“Beyond” is an immersive sound & vision experience where visuals and music seamlessly complement each other, providing an enchanting cinematic experience for audiences of all ages. The world-renowned Greek musician, composer, songwriter, and producer Vangelis (known for his renowned film scores for “Chariots of Fire,” “Blade Runner,” “1492: Conquest of Paradise,” and “Alexander”) and a close friend of André’s, enthusiastically collaborated with Kuipers on the film until his passing. “Beyond” features no less than 40 songs from Vangelis’ rich repertoire spanning six decades. Additionally, Armin van Buuren has specially produced a cover of Vangelis’ track “Pulstar” for “Beyond,” which will be released as a single on September 27. 

Astronaut Congress

During the astronaut congress from September 30 to October 6, André will host over 100 fellow astronauts in the Netherlands. The congress theme, “Generation Space – shaping the future together,” highlights the crucial importance of space exploration for a safe and sustainable future for all of us. The congress includes a range of activities, including lectures, panel discussions, and interactive sessions with astronauts. On the designated “Community Day,” astronauts will visit schools, universities, and institutes throughout the Netherlands. During the Beyond live event at Ziggo Dome, astronauts will participate in a unique, one-time pre-show where they will share their experiences with the audience. 

About André Kuipers

André Kuipers’ space adventure begins when he is twelve and receives science fiction books from his grandmother. He is certain: one day, I will view the Earth from space myself. After years of training, the physician flew his first mission to the International Space Station (ISS) in 2004. Mission DELTA lasted eleven days. André finds it much too short; he wants nothing more than to return to space to live and work for a longer period. And that second mission comes. On December 21, 2011, André leaves Earth again for a 193-day stay in space; the longest European spaceflight up to that point. He frequently appears in the media floating, sharing his experiences up there with as many people as possible. 

It is during his second space mission that André meets Vangelis for the first time, through a two-way video conversation. Vangelis plays live piano for André, and André shares his incredible view of the Earth with Vangelis. This encounter sparks a warm friendship. André exercises to the energetic music of Armin van Buuren, who dedicates one of his tracks to André. For Armin, inspired by Vangelis’ music since childhood, meeting the ‘Godfather of electronic music’ is a special moment in the creation of “Beyond.” Beyond is not only a tribute to our planet but also a posthumous tribute to the world-renowned composer Vangelis. 

About distributor M&N Media Group

Since January 1, 2020, Jeffrey de Graaff and Ignas van Schaick have started M&N Media Group. Recent successes include the documentaries “Wolf,” “Below the Surface,” and “Below the Surface Junior.” The film distributor focuses mainly on releasing impactful cinematic documentaries. Additionally, the company focuses on innovative film concepts in the field of event cinema, location projection, and creative film projects within the Benelux. Jeffrey de Graaff has a background in film and music and has worked with various major film distributors. Ignas van Schaick is known as a producer at EMS FILMS, the company behind “The New Wilderness” and “The Wild City,” among others. 


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