Introducing Stefan: New Project Team member for the LDE NL Space Campus Summer School 2024 Edition


Meet Stefan Zeeman, a fresh addition to the NL Space Campus project team. At 27 years old, Stefan’s background in Human Resources may seem an unexpected fit for the space industry, Β but his story is one of passion, curiosity, and openness to new experiences. Stefan is going to work on the preparation for the upcoming edition of the LDE NL Space Campus Summer School.Β 

A Journey into Space

Stefan’s fascination with space began in childhood. β€˜I’ve always felt like space speaks to the imagination,’ shares Stefan. He never realised, with a background in HR, that working in the space industry was an opportunity, rather than a distant possibility.Β Β 

From Participant to Organiser

Having participated in last year’s LDE NL Space Campus Summer School, Stefan returns to our team this year in the role of supporting the organising team. By coordinating and being part of the team for the event, Stefan hopes to gain valuable insights into event management in the space industry and growing closer relations with industry partners, while enjoying another exciting week within the sector. Stefan states: β€œPart of me wanted to experience it again but this time being more involved in the organisation. Now I can experience another amazing week but also learn how events such as these are coordinated and organised. I’m looking forward to another exciting edition.” 

A Space for Everyone

For Stefan, working in the space industry isn’t just for those with a background in the field anymore. He knows that non-space students and young professionals can find their place in the space too: β€˜If you are still in doubt if space is something for you, maybe due to your background, you should also take a chance like I did. You will meet a whole new world filled with enthusiastic people. You will find somewhere to fit in without a problem!’ 

A Vision for the Future

Looking forward, Stefan sees a bright future for the NL Space Campus and is grateful to be part of the team. β€˜I believe that we are heading into a great direction with passionate people adding value to the community and ecosystem. And I hope I can add a bit to that with my time and energy too.’ 

Join LDE NL Space Campus Summer School!

The LDE NL Space Campus Summer School 2024 has officially launched its registration as of 29 February, inviting participants to an immersive 7-day programme running from 29 June to 5 July. Registrations for the 2024 edition will close mid-May.Β Β 

The reduced price for tickets in the Launch Phase end 21 March. Don’t miss out and share this link with your friends! Learn more via the link:Β Β 

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