Incoming mission from Bremen organised by SpaceNed and the Province of Zuid-Holland a great success

SpaceNed and Province of Zuid-Holland organised the incoming mission from Bremen and together (as a cluster and community) we are strengthening the collaboration between these two successful space regions. 

Their visit at NL Space Campus was the start of an inspiring three-day tour through the Zuid-Holland space ecosystem. A big thank you to the Province of Zuid-Holland and SpaceNed, and in particular Renate Beausoleil, Hessel Kokke and Ingrid Houthuysen for organising this successful mission! 


In cooperation with Aviaspace Bremen and the Free Hanseatic City of Bremen, SpaceNed and the Province of Zuid-Holland organised an inbound trade mission from Bremen to the Netherlands. This mission was organised by these four parties in the frame of the Action Agenda Cooperation in the space sector between Bremen and Zuid-Holland. AVIA Space is a very important partner of the Dutch Space Cluster and Bremen is an important area for innovation and collaboration in Germany, as is the Province of Zuid-Holland.

Their visit at NL Space Campus was the start of an inspiring three-day tour through the Zuid-Holland space ecosystem, where 80% of Dutch space business and innovation takes place. We welcomed them very much starting at NL Space Campus with a presentation and tour on ESA ESTEC, and after that a presentation on the NL Space Campus development, the collaboration with Leiden Delft Erasmus Universities, followed by inspiring pitches of ESA BIC start-ups Meteory, Survey Intel and SatSearch at Space Expo on NL Space Campus. During the concluding networking part, there was an opportunity to talk further with a number of campus initiatives such as Groundstation DotSpace, AVATAR and the GNSS CoE mentioned in the presentation. As well as with companies such as HDES, Celestia STS, ATG and Clemessy.

After this first successful day of the inbound trade mission, the next day the party visited Leiden/Oegstgeest and Delft with amongst others an inspiring tour at AirbusDS Netherlands and Sam XL, while ending in a vibrant networking dinner downtown Delft, with also both the regional ministers of Bremen and Zuid-Holland present. The third and last day was filled with a successful morning event at Technology Park Ypenburg with amongst others a workshop on digitisation moderated by NL Space Campus’ VR/AR lab AVATAR and Airbus Bremen.

Collaborations where strengthened and new ideas formed, especially working towards visiting the Space Tech Expo in Bremen again later this year and a new action agenda between the two regions.

Photos by Sarah Muirhead

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