Grow your network at Space Tech Expo Bremen 2022

The Space Tech Expo Europe in Bremen is said to be the largest exhibition and conference for the aerospace industry, with over 5000 attendees and almost 500 exhibitors. Every year a Dutch delegation exhibits together under the brand NL Space. NL Space Campus is joining the NL Space delegation from 15 until 17 November and many other Dutch companies are exhibiting and attending. This annual conference offers great opportunities for networking. Highly recommended!

This year, NL Space Campus is again joining the NL Space booth where we are accompanied by IQ, NSO, Avatar, WestEnd, FSO, Sparkwing, Cosine and NLR. You can find us at booth L41 and you can meet us at a variety of networking events.

Companies such as ISISpace, HE Space, ATG, Airborne, Celestia STS, Dawn Aerospace, TNO and many others, have their own booth at the conference. Together with the Dutch delegation, NSO and the Province of Zuid-Holland, Spacened is hosting a networking event on Tuesday evening, 15 November, in the Havana Lounge in Bremen.

If you are interested to join any networking events hosted by the Dutch delegation, please contact us, or directly contactย hessel.kokke@spacened.nlย for inquiries.


Together with ESA BIC Noordwijk and ESA BIC Northern Germany, we are hosting a second edition of [Connecting the Curious]ย (link naar event) on Wednesday, 16 November at Cafรฉ Lugger.ย This networking event is exclusively for partners of the ESA BIC’s, NL Space Campus community and students, young professionals, startups and investors from the space industry, to meet, connect and share ideas.


The Netherlands is one of the primary architects of space activities in Europe and has always played a leading international role in space science research.

As a high-tech country, the Netherlands has a sound knowledge infrastructure within specific areas of local expertise. This allows the Dutch space industry to create and capitalise on opportunities, to distinguish itself and to play a leading role worldwide. Dutch space companies and institutions are recognised for delivering reliable technology and ground-breaking science. In addition, they develop satellite applications for everyday life on Earth. Thereby contributing to improved safety, food security, a better environment and a sustainable future. To raise their profile and increase the visibility of their activities internationally, space companies and institutions in the Netherlands have joined together under the umbrella of NL Space.

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