“Farewell” and “Welcome”: Esther Peters to be succeeded by Marc Sandelowsky

After more than three years of in which she strengthened the NL Space Campus ecosystem and community, director Esther Peters has decided not to aspire a next term. We are very grateful to Esther for the boundless energy with which she accelerated campus development and put NL Space Campus on the map. In return we are welcoming Marc Sandelowsky as the new director of NL Space Campus.

During NL Space Campus Network & Drinks 24 November, there will be a moment to say goodbye to Esther.

Esther Peters: “I am pleased to see how NL Space Campus’ role in strengthening the cooperation between ESA ESTEC, government, industry and knowledge institutions within the space innovation ecosystem has developed and how we are increasingly able to bridge the gap to the non-space world with ‘The Space Week’ as a good example. After more than three years of building, I feel it is time for me to choose a new direction. I am happy that we have found a very good successor in the person of Marc Sandelowsky. This gives me every confidence that the next phase of the NL Space Campus will also be a success.”

In the next edition of our newsletter, we will introduce Marc further. In the meantime, you are welcome to reach out to him for your comments and suggestions via email at m.sandelowsy@nlspacecampus.eu.


Noordwijk, Oct. 11, 2022 – 

Marc Sandelowsky has been appointed director of NL Space Campus and will officially take over the role as managing director on 1 November. The past years, Sandelowsky has successfully led the establishment of the Dutch drone innovation cluster in the Twente region. Sandelowsky succeeds the first director of NL Space Campus, Esther Peters, who has indicated not to aspire to a next term.

Sandelowsky: “Space for me is literally ‘the next frontier’. From the sky into outer space. And back of course. Besides the scientific value, the economic and social added value of space research lies in the data we get back from space. I am looking forward to taking over the baton from Esther Peters. She has taken NL Space Campus from idea and concept to a powerful connector and booster in the space ecosystem. It is now up to me to take this ecosystem to the next level. With good infrastructural facilities, top international expertise, and significant impact on the major issues of our time. A great challenge to sink my teeth into. Together with the dedicated team of NL Space Campus and partners from industry, knowledge institutions and government.”

The board of NL Space Campus is grateful to Esther Peters for the energy with which she has accelerated campus development and put NL Space Campus on the map. The space ecosystem has been strengthened as has the connection to the users of space technology and data, including students and young professionals. Through Esther’s creativity, tenacity and entrepreneurship, NL Space Campus is now a reality,” said Chairman Wim van den Doel.

Simultaneously with the departure of Esther Peters and the arrival of Marc Sandelowsky, two new board members will also join the NL Space Campus Foundation: LG Sonic CEO Yousef Yousef and future astronaut Mindy Howard. Dick Harms, first-hour board member, is stepping down as director. Yousef and Howard thereby complete the board, which is further formed by NWO vice president Caroline Visser and dean of Leiden-Delft-Erasmus Universities Wim van den Doel.

“Until her official departure on January 1, Esther Peters, together with her successor Marc Sandelowsky, will ensure a proper handover of tasks to ensure continuity. With the strong foundation created by Esther Peters, a new director and new board members, we can look to the future of NL Space Campus with confidence,” says Van den Doel.

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