Drone workshop takes flight at the European Navigation Conference

On Tuesday 30 May, the participants of the European Navigation Conference (ENC) 2023 were welcomed at the EUSPA Galileo Reference Centre where they could join a drone workshop hosted by Unmanned Valley and offered by NL Space Campus. The European Navigation Conference is organised annually by a member of the European Group of Institutes of Navigation and this year it was organised by the Netherlands Institute for Navigation. The main theme this year was Resilient Navigation. Vulnerability of satellite-based position and timing information is widely recognised and the need for resilience requires redundancy in the signal domain, terrestrial and space infrastructures, and on-board implementation. Visitors joined a variety of sessions experts all over the world, including a session by Google navigation experts.

The European Navigation Conference 2025 (ENC 2025) will be held 13 – 16 May 2025 in Wrocław, Poland. The first announcement can be downloaded here (PDF). Further information can soon be found on the conference website: https://www.enc2025.eu/.

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