CHILL-ICE, ICEE Space Analogue Missions – meet them April 28!

CHILL-ICE, ICEE Space Analogue Missions - meet them April 28!

How do you train for future space exploration? The desolate landscapes of the Moon and Mars are hostile for most if not all of known life, but it does present a unique research opportunity to learn more about the origin of life, the universe, and humanities’ place therein. With the analogue mission CHILL-ICE, ICEE.Space shall provide commercial analogue astronaut training and experiences as testbeds for upcoming Lunar research and systems in extreme environments on Earth. They will pitch at the NL Space Campus Network&Drinks on the 28th of April, to briefly explain more about the research projects and new technologies that they are working on, their astronaut crew selection, and how you can get involved.

As a young, multidisciplinary, and Dutch-based space start-up, they are proud to be working with the Dutch space sector and are looking forward to implementing and improving space technologies, for a better human future, on Earth — and beyond. ICEE.Space is an international space testbed provider and a research and development start-up for future human space exploration. In order to survive on these extra-terrestrial surfaces, one needs bring enough protection to sustain (human) life inside a base. At the same time, the restrictions on size and weight of such a habitat are stringently forced by the size of rockets and the need for multiple launches. One of the ways to reduce the technologies needed for this step is to utilize locally available structures, such as lava tubes. All new space ventures bring about large risks, which are to be reduced as much as possible before sending any human life to the Moon and beyond. For this, ICEE.Space is preparing – on Earth – to understand how it could be to live in the future. To live on the Moon. To live in a lava tube!


ICEE.Space successfully completed the CHILL-ICE “Construction of a Habitat Inside a Lunar analogue Lava tube – ICEland” 2021 mission (CHILL-ICE 2021) in August and is now on its new journey for the second mission: CHILL-ICE II. This year, ICEE.Space is taking a step further towards space studies, focusing on research topics such as robotic exploration, testing in extreme environments and many more.


This second CHILL-ICE mission involves more partners and focuses on improving the already existing systems, as well as expanding and developing new technologies that can be space-ready for when humans return to the Moon. For this, they would like to invite everyone who is working on space observation, robotics, or planetary exploration, to join the discussion, to see how they can implement your project in this upcoming, or future missions. The international team of experts is eager to contribute and collaborate.


Research proposals needed

ICEE.Space is actively looking for research proposals that might be developed and operated during their CHILL-ICE mission 2022. They successfully demonstrated the results of research in various fields ranging from food to robotic exploration and this year they are going beyond! For more information regarding previous projects, please visit:

For collaborations and proposals, please fill in the proposal form available at and send it to


Call for sponsors and investors

At ICEE.Space, they are creating a new space for analogue research missions by conducting practical experiments that might one day change the game of human space exploration. If you are interested to invest in knowledge, interdisciplinary research, or multinational collaboration projects, ICEE.Space is actively looking for sponsors, investors and collaborators for CHILL-ICE 2022 mission. For more information, contact them at


To know more about ICEE Space updates, please visit ICEE Space and follow them at – Facebook Instagram LinkedIn

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