Autonomous cultivation: drones, sensors and data for sustainable bulb growing and greenhouse horticulture

Besides the ornamental plant cluster of the Top Sector Horticulture, the Dune and Flowerbulb Region has even more appealing clusters. On Thursday 17 February, during our next GreenportLIVE, we will be joining forces with the drone and sensor technology cluster Unmanned Valley from Katwijk and NL Space Campus from Noordwijk. 

Former Valkenburg Airport is the setting for the presentation of an attractive and varied programme of inspiring introductions, enthusiastic demonstrations and in-depth workshops. During this packed afternoon programme, technical ‘builders’ as well as developers, software and training and education will be discussed. This gives us a programme that is particularly interesting for participants who are already working on or are very interested in the possibilities that drones, sensors and data can offer to make cultivation more sustainable, both in the bulb fields and in the greenhouse.

By organising this meeting, we want to contribute to getting to know each other better, as well as the people and organisations that are active in the various (clusters of) sectors involved. As far as we are concerned, a good follow-up activity would be at least one or more new concrete collaborations between parties from technology and horticulture. Next time, we would also like to approach this issue from the current applications of precision agriculture or autonomous cultivation that we already know.



12:30-13:00 Reception

13:00-14:30 Plenary session

PLENAIR [90 min.]

Explanation of current status by National Experiment on Precision Farming

Introduction by AgTech TU Delft (incl. hub in Next Delft regarding ‘Future of working’)

  • Neo
  • CGI and Agrisim
  • AirHub
  • MAVLAB and

Demonstration MAVLAB [indoor].

Coffee break

15:00-16:00 Workshops 

WORKSHOPS [80 min. 2 sessions of 40 min.]

  • AirHub, Neo and Aerialtronics
  • CGI and Agrisim
  •, MAVLAB and Drone Flight Company

Demonstration [outdoors]

16:00-17:00 Closure & Drinks


1) NEO 

25 years of experience in monitoring Earth from space. Specialised club (do sec this; clear vision on use of these information layers). Based in Amersfoort, but part of our Space community. They can outline developments in the use of space data, among other things, and also concrete examples of precision agriculture / farming. If all goes well I will get names of account managers agri (national and international) before 12 o’clock who could take care of this.

Suggested is David Marcelis. He has a lot of experience in the space and agri sector and is used to presenting on stages for large groups. See below for more information about NEO that my contact just appted.

2) CGI 

Large IT and business consultancy firm that is partly specialised in the use of space data (but also has a lot of expertise in other types of data). They are an important partner for us, including with regard to a platform that we want to build for space data and they are also a partner in the GNSS Centre of Excellence (safe use of navigation data).

As far as Greenport is concerned, they have more experience with monitoring greenhouses than with precision agriculture. In terms of greenhouse monitoring, they could say something about monitoring heat, subsidence, water etc.

They can provide a data scientist or one of the consultants who can tell a story.

3) Geronimo AI

A start-up that is located in the Aerospace Innovation Hub (AIH) at TU Delft. AIH is also an important partner of ours. This start-up also focuses on space data and does cool things. With this club, you would have more of a young dog in the house with potentially great new inspiring insights.

I have left them a message on voicemail but no response yet. Try to contact them soon to hear if they are interested.


1) Aerialtronics DV

Aerialtronics DV is an end-to-end solution developer that uses drones, artificial intelligence and high-end sensors to provide companies with enhanced and actionable insights that create a perfect synergy between aerial applications and daily business operations. The drones and smart cameras developed by the company are used for a wide range of applications, from surveying and supporting the fire brigade to inspecting wind turbines and high-voltage pylons. Aerialtronics cooperates with companies such as PhaseOne and Uvirco.

Aerialtronics is part of the French Drone Volt.


2) AGtech 

Intelligent reform of our AgriFood production and delivery systems requires technological innovation and a technology-driven strategy. This requires horticulture, Agri-food industry and knowledge institutions to work together in research and innovation to increase agricultural production and reduce the use of resources such as water and fossil fuels. Much can be expected from the development, application and integration of new technologies from such diverse fields as robotics, sensor physics, computer vision, communication technology, geothermal engineering, materials science, artificial intelligence, genetics and crop modelling.

TU Delft AgTech Institute promotes research and innovation in AgriFood technology. It fosters public-private partnerships by connecting industry with TU Delft’s world-class engineering and systems knowledge and expertise. The unique R&D portfolio resulting from these partnerships meets the societal and industrial demands of the sector and will play an important role in driving the transition to a sustainable future in AgriFood with new high-tech solutions. We invite you to innovate our future together.


3) Agrisim 


4) AirHub 

AirHub aims to integrate drones into our society in a safe, legal and efficient way. AirHub does this through its consultancy services and a self-developed software platform. Through its consultancy services, AirHub assists companies in setting up their drone operation by means of permit applications, risk analyses, development of procedures, training and technical support. AirHub also advises national, regional and local authorities on shaping drone policy. The AirHub software platform is used by thousands of companies worldwide to manage their drone operations. The software helps to plan and execute flights (including remotely over 4G/5G) and to manage the drone operation by team management, scheduling maintenance, reporting incidents and much more.


5) Drone Flight Company

Using drones as tools for everyday work is what Drone Flight Company is all about. From support in applying for an operating licence, supplying hardware, the legally required training courses to practical guidance is what they have done for some 40 companies in the Netherlands. Drone Flight Company has a local presence in Katwijk, Enschede and St Truiden across the border in Belgium.

Website: https://www.droneflightcompany…


TU Delft’s Micro Air Vehicle Laboratory (MAVLab) solves fundamental technological challenges of microdrones to maximise their utility and safety.

As part of the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering, our aim is to put research into practice. We take the latest state-of-the-art theory and improve it until it can solve real-world problems.


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