Geo-Data Fusion Hackathon: Space for Society and Collaboration

In our mission to ‘Connect the Curious’, NL Space Campus organises hackathons to boost space innovation and accelerate the space innovation ecosystem. These events are win-win: they spark new ideas for using space technology and data in practical ways, while also getting fresh talent excited about space. By mixing bright minds from different fields, we […]

Wrapping Up Before Summer: Highlights from the June Edition Network & Drinks

The June edition of Network & Drinks was the final gathering before the summer break. From NL Space Campus and SBIC announcements to insightful results of the ESA Technology Broker research, the event concluded with three pitches that showcased diverse financing and investment opportunities for the space sector.  Updates from NL Space Campus  Geo-Data Fusion […]

Connecting Innovations and Opportunities in ESA’s Business Network

From 13 to 15 May 2024, the European Space Agency (ESA) hosted its Network Meeting in Tartu, Estonia, for the first time. Every year, the ESA Commercialisation Gateway invites representatives of the ESA Business Incubation Centres (ESA BICs), ESA Technology Brokers and ESA Phi-Labs to gather for the exchange of ideas, best practices, and new […]

Introducing Pieter Speijer: The New Community Manager at SBIC Noordwijk

Pieter Speijer is the new Community Manager at SBIC Noordwijk. His unique blend of experiences and dedication to community building make him a valuable addition to the campus and the space business community as a whole. A Journey to SBIC Noordwijk Pieter’s journey to becoming SBIC’s Community Manager is both fascinating and inspiring. “When I […]

NL Space Campus Community Members Honoured at Geospatial World Forum 2024

Two members of the NL Space Campus have been honoured with prestigious awards at the Geospatial World Forum (GWF) 2024, held at the World Trade Center in Rotterdam from 13-16 May 2024. This recognition highlights the contributions of Space4Good and the Faculty of Geo-Information Science and Earth Observation (ITC) at the University of Twente to […]

Giant Tulip Bulb at NL Space Campus

A new giant bulb has been placed next to the Space Business Innovation Centre Noordwijk. The NL Space Campus is now also connected to the Duin- and Bollenstreek. Space and flower bulbs—a combination that is natural in Noordwijk. Space Industry in the Municipality of Noordwijk Artist Sjoerd Blokker created this new addition. The bulb stands […]

Agronautics Workshop Gathers Expertise from Space to Soil

The “Agronautics” workshop, held at Wageningen on April 22, brought together stakeholders from the space and agrifood sectors to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and technology. Organised in collaboration between the ESA Technology Broker NL, agrifood accelerator StartLife, and OnePlanet Research Centre, the event showcased space-inspired innovations aimed at advancing farming practices on Earth. Space Farming Insights […]

Ask the Community: How to Integrate your Space Business into a Different Sector?

In the recent session of “Ask the Community,” the ESA Technology Broker NL, collaborating with the Topsector High Tech Systems and Materials Holland High Tech, addressed the question of “How to bring your space business to a different sector?” During Network and Drinks, attendees had the opportunity to engage with brokers Raoul Voeten and Corneel […]