Ask the Community: How to Integrate your Space Business into a Different Sector?

In the recent session of “Ask the Community,” the ESA Technology Broker NL, collaborating with the Topsector High Tech Systems and Materials Holland High Tech, addressed the question of “How to bring your space business to a different sector?” During Network and Drinks, attendees had the opportunity to engage with brokers Raoul Voeten and Corneel Bogaert, as well as Business Management interns Jelle van Zundert and Saurab den Butter. The team provides opportunities and connections to integrate space innovations in other sectors.

Understanding Interest in Technology Transfer

Insights from Experts

Corneel Bogaert highlights opportunities for space technology providers in agriculture, logistics, high-tech and energy. Whether seeking spin-offs or wanting to add space tech to existing products, the ESA Technology Broker NL can help find solutions for Dutch organisations. Raoul Voeten elaborated on the Technology Broker Programme, emphasising its role in transferring space tech to everyday use. He stated, “Supported by government initiatives and space sector schemes, businesses can use cutting-edge innovations to improve their operations.”

The brokers highlighted the recent workshop around applications of space technology and research for agrifood. In space, we are forced to make everything recyclable and circular. This requires all kinds of closed loop systems, including air and water filter techniques, but also alternative energy carriers.

Interns at ESA Technology Programme Jelle and Saurab shared insights about the activities they will undertake to support technology transfer. Saurab highlighted the top sector approach, focusing on a number of industries with a high socio-economic impact such as agrifood and logistics. Jelle then complemented the discussion by mentioning the potential overlap of the technology roadmaps and key enabling technologies from those sectors with potential spin-offs from space.

During ‘Ask the Community’ Session the recent launch of their brokerage website was also mentioned. You can visit it via the link:

About The ESA Technology Broker NL

The ESA Technology Broker Network is a dedicated consortium of specialists uniting space and non-space industries for the purpose of technology transfer.  The ESA Technology Broker for the Netherlands operates through a collaborative effort between the NL Space Campus and the Space Business Innovation Centre Noordwijk.  Drawing upon national technological roadmaps, the broker focuses on key sectors such as agri-food, energy, logistics and transportation, and high tech. The aim is to address innovation challenges using existing technology in the Netherlands while also leveraging relations with space technology developers across ESA Member States.

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Whether you’re a non-space entity seeking to address innovation challenges or a space entity exploring terrestrial applications, we’re here to assist. Share your technology needs or innovative solutions, and let us facilitate impactful collaborations and technology transfers.

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