A Space for Innovation: Recap from the Spark Hub Launch Event

This month, we celebrated the launch of the Spark Hub. This new facility within the SBIC Noordwijk marks a significant step forward in space entrepreneurship, representing a collaborative effort spearheaded by the European Space Agency (ESA).


The Spark Hub is more than just a workspace. It’s a dynamic hub for startups, companies, and space enthusiasts. Niels Eldering, head of Entrepreneurship and Business Incubation in the Commercialisation Services Department of the European Space Agency (ESA), explained its importance: “The Spark Hub represents both a virtual and physical dimension of our community. It’s a platform for ESA and its entrepreneurial community to integrate more deeply into the space commercialisation process, fostering co-creation among startups, our team, and stakeholders across Europe.”


The opening ceremony of the Spark Hub was a noteworthy event marked by enthusiasm and high expectations. Niels Eldering expressed his aspirations, “I envision the Spark Hub as a catalyst for unprecedented collaboration among startups, ESA members, and our wider community.” Martijn Leinweber, COO of SBIC Noordwijk and programme manager of ESA BIC Noordwijk, emphasising its community-centric nature, added, “This space is not just for ESA BIC but for everyone in the community to have their meetings and collaborative sessions. It’s an open-close space for and by the community.”


The hub is a vital tool for nurturing the space community and fostering innovation. Ian Van den Broek, from ESA’s Commercialisation Services Department, highlighted its role in bringing different parts of the space community closer together in Noordwijk, “ESA ESTEC and the NL Space Campus have always been close because we’re all in Noordwijk. With the Spark Hub, we can work even closer. People from ESA ESTEC usually work inside the special premises of ESA, but here, they can meet and work in an open-access environment with startups and university partners. This can lead to many new ideas and help everyone learn from each other.”

He explained how the Spark Hub is a place for everyone in space work to meet and share ideas. “The Hub is where ESA ESTEC, startups, universities, and business partners can come together. It’s about making our space community stronger and more connected. It’s a big step for us, and I’m excited to see how it helps everyone work together better.”

Building on this idea of community and collaboration, Bert Meijvogel from NSO shared a complementary perspective. “For an international organisation like ESA, we find it is crucial they engage with the local community. Our support for ESA BIC and other initiatives like the PhiLab is about fostering this connection, benefiting not just startups but the entire space interest group in the region.”


Stefan Gustafsson from ESA drew an interesting analogy to describe the potential of the Spark Hub: “Imagine the hub as a combustion engine’s cylinder, with ideas as fuel. What’s needed now is that spark of collaboration and the right mix of energetic people to ignite these ideas into successful ventures. The hub alone won’t suffice; it’s the community’s energy that will drive innovation forward.”


The European Space Agency is set to make the Spark Hub a frequent meeting spot to strengthen connections with the community. Every other Tuesday, ESA representatives will be on-site, offering invaluable opportunities for direct interaction and brainstorming sessions with community members. This initiative not only lowers the threshold for engagement but also promises to enrich the ecosystem with ESA’s expertise, fostering a culture of shared knowledge and collaborative innovation. ESA’s regular visits to the Spark Hub highlight its important role in space entrepreneurship, combining ESA’s plans with the lively energy of the space community.


As the Spark Hub opens its doors, it becomes a beacon for space entrepreneurs and innovators. It represents the NL Space Campus’s vision of a future where the boundaries of space entrepreneurship are continually expanded. As the campus expands, the Spark Hub promises to be one of the key players in shaping the future of space business and collaboration.

Photo Credit: Corneel Bogaert, Carmel McNamara

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