A full house after Kingsday: Network & Drinks April 2022

Kingsday and the holiday week obviously didn’t hold our space community back to get together at the monthly NL Space Campus Network & Drinks. An extra orange edition and an orange toast with over 60 people. Find your photo below, (re)watch the livestream and register for the next event


The vibe on stage was again really well (interesting pitches of start-ups and new initiatives) and together with the networking afterwards, we received much feedback on how many new contacts everyone made and with all the new ideas and actions everyone left.


Every NL Space Campus Network & Drinks we meet new faces and as such, you can meet new people every month by joining our montly networking event. We encourage everyone to leave with at least 1 new contact, 1 new idea and 1 new action and this seems to work which is great. You can already register for the next edition here.



Next NL Space Campus Network & Drinks combined with Space Café III @May 25 

Due to Ascension Day, this month’s NL Space Campus Network & Drinks is combined with Space Cafe III: the event organised by NL Space Campus and MIND, the innovation centre of the Defence Material Organisation (DMO), to bring together the worlds of military and civilian space, defence, government, business, and knowledge institutions. This time organized together with our partner SpaceNed.

If you are interested to get your business/network more in contact with the Dutch Ministry of Defence and/or you want to grow your knowledge about opportunities that may arise for you by collaboration with the Ministry of Defence, this is the networking event to join! Register for the entire day here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/323046890947


Noordwijk Marketing & NL Space Campus challenge owners for the Cassini Hackathon 12 – 14 May

To help us explore nature with care, the challenge ‘exploring nature with care’ is offered with real life insights by competition partners Noordwijk Marketing and NL Space Campus. Noordwijk is mainly known for being the heart of the space industry in the Netherlands, and it’s home to one of the most beautiful beaches in Europe.

The town is awarded yearly for their efforts in creating an environment friendly tourist place. For instance, it has the European quality mark ‘Quality Coast’. Noordwijk wants to keep it this way, while at the same time promoting its coast. Next to that, Noordwijk is also further developing the NL Space Campus for businesses in the space industry.

With entities like ESA ESTEC, SBIC Noordwijk and Galileo Reference Centre already there, we aim to create more economic impact for the region by opening up for more space businesses. How to do this with nature in mind? To solve this with space technology – really is a practice what you preach scenario. Are you excited hearing about this theme? Apply for the hackathon and join us in solving this challenge!



ICEE Space – analogue missions to train for Moon and Mars landscapes

How do you train for future space exploration? ICEE Space is an international space test, research, and development start-up for future human space exploration. With the analog mission CHILL-ICE, they provide commercial analog astronaut training and experiences as testbeds for upcoming Lunar research and systems in extreme environments on Earth. They currently have an open call for the next analog astronauts to participate in the CHILL-ICE II mission this August in Iceland, and the open call for research proposals and systems to be tested during that mission. In addition, people can sponsor their crowdfunding and with 20 euros or above you receive a chill-ice space pin. They are also looking for bigger sponsors/investors if you are interested! Read further about them, and how you can join in with this amazing project, in the article on our website.


Shore Systems – drones to reach offshore wind turbines

Shore Systems is developing a drone with extended hover endurance and cruise range, enabling drone operators to inspect industrial assets remotely. Offshore wind turbines can be reached and inspected from shore, removing the need for personnel to go offshore. Do not hesitate to reach out to Shore, any help is welcome! Contact Thom van den Homberg through thom@shoresystems.nl


Blue Sky Analytics

As time for meaningful climate action runs out, we can no longer afford for our efforts to be misinformed, uncoordinated, or unquantified. Blue Sky Analytics is a geospatial data intelligence company building a API based catalogue of Environmental Datasets by leveraging Satellite data, AI and cloud. As time for meaningful climate action runs out, we can no longer afford for our efforts to be misinformed, uncoordinated, or unquantified.


Weworkinspace.com – jobs for non-engineers who want to work in space

Space is booming and needs more than engineering. There are many more fields that make space businesses flourish! However, on space job boards, mostly satellite engineering positions are advertised, and companies looking for rocket scientists. Therefore, weworkinspace.com is set up, for people passionate about space, looking for a non-tech role in the sector. Find niche space jobs in space law, marketing, finance, sales & business development, HR, and more, for the next step in your space career.


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