Agronautics: Merging Space and Agrifood

April 22, 2024
- April 22, 2024

As humanity ventures further out in space, new technologies are being developed to overcome challenging and hostile environments. For more than 30 years, the European Space Agency (ESA) has been on the forefront in the field of regenerative life support systems. The resulting closed loop systems to produce food, water and oxygen from mission wastes can also boost sustainability on our own planet.

By immersing for a full day into agronautics with ESA Technology Broker, StartLife and OnePlanet are bringing stakeholders from the space and agrifood together to transfer knowledge and technology. During the first part of the program, experts and entrepreneurs will be presenting their work. In the afternoon, participants will have the opportunity to network and explore innovative solutions.


10:00 – Welcome & Opening by OnePlanet, StartLife & ESA10:30 – Introduction of technologies13:00 – Smart farming and monitoring emissions14:00 – Tech Tangle: interactive 1-1s 15:30 – Closing & Networking


Skytree Spacefood Metalot Aardvark Sensing

*more to be announced

What to expect?

Find out how techniques developed for space missions are now benefiting greenhouse growers, reducing CO2 emissions. Explore how research for Martian agriculture is improving farming practices on our own planet. Get insights into space-inspired innovations like cooking pans and energy storage methods. Learn more about smart farming with satellite data. Last but not least, get to taste real space food!

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