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The Space Week – recap day 3 Navigate to the Future

12 oktober 2022

3 is a charm! ✨ 

On day 3 of #TheSpaceWeekNL, NL Space Campus and Space Expo Noordwijk welcomed many space enthusiasts at the museum. At 3pm the Navigate To The Future event kicked off with Esther Peters and moderator Monique van Dusseldorp. Congratulations to NLR - Netherlands Aerospace Centre, Science [&] Technology and CGI for officially launching your collaboration through GNSS Centre of Excellence and joining forces to create more impact together!

At Navigate To The Future, people from all walks of life and all corners of society connected with each other: from policy makers to businesses and students, and from the space industry to the non-space sectors. 

It was an interactive & energetic afternoon moderated by Monique van Dusseldorp, where we connected panel members, pitchers and the audience to discover how space data impacts society and creates new business.

✨ 3 strong players in the space industry NLR - Netherlands Aerospace Centre, Science [&] Technology and CGI signed an agreement to join forces to officially launch Centre of Excellence EGNSS. An introduction talk from Peter Díez, the signature from Mark van Venrooij, Dirk Groot, de and Carina Maas-Olij, followed by celebratory drinks and popped confetti marked the festive launch of Centre of Excellence EGNSS.

✨3 panelmembers for each discussed topic: with Bas Van Der Hoeven, Stefan Schneider and Thijs Oosterhuis we explored the opportunities of space data for space and non-space parties. And through Carlien Roodink, Koen Hiemstra and Arnaud van den Berg we heard examples of how to successfully move from innovation operation using space data. 

✨3 inspiring pitches by Niels Klink, Reda Meftahi and Parya Pasha Zadeh!

 Ending with the official launch of Centre of Excellence EGNSS including confetti bombs and network & drinks. 

Missed it? Visit the NL Space Campus office to check out the live drawing made by ⇢ Janneke de Boer ⇠ that captured the entire event!

To see all pictures & the recap, visit the article about Navigate to the Future.

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