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NL Space Campus works together with knowledge and innovation partners and is connected with a strong local, regional, national and international network.


ESA’s technical center hosts a strong and vibrant community of 2500 high-tech professionals, and is part of NL Space Campus and its events.

The Space Business Innovation Centre (SBIC)

NL Space Campus’ SBIC has a strong national and international community and network. New initiatives and businesses are born by connecting start-ups with space technology and data, with other start-ups and with the rest of the NL Space Campus community.

Innovative high-tech companies

With around 70 companies (mixture of start-up and scale-ups, upstream and downstream) in Noordwijk and close proximity, more than 3000 high-tech professionals are connected in the NL Space Campus community. Together with companies in the region Zuid Holland with important players in Leiden, Den Haag, Delft, Rotterdam and the Amsterdam area, we form an international network and community of innovative high-tech space companies. 

Knowledge community

ESA ESTEC, GRC and the Leiden, Delft and Erasmus universities alliance (LDE) form the knowledge anchors of the NL Space Campus. NL Space Campus connects these communities by co-developing a ‘Curiosity Series’, second is creating a space portal to be able to better connect and lastly by strengthening the community of students (societies) and young professionals. We are setting up our own NL Space Campus Student Society and connecting students to our community with the LDE NL Space Campus Summerschool.  

NL Space Campus, together with ESA ESTEC and LDE universities, has strong partnerships and communities with top knowledge institutes such as SRON, NLR and TNO and KNMI, and with valuable colleges in Den Haag, Leiden and de Leidse Instrumentmakerschool (LIS). Other universities in the Netherlands – Wageningen, Twente and Eindhoven - and European Universities such as the International Space University are welcomed to be part of our community. Also we partnered with Spacefluencers to support and provide a platform for young professionals interested in space.

We are here to facilitate, stimulate, connect and strengthen others

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We are here to facilitate, stimulate, connect and strengthen others

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