Core values

From knowledge to the application of knowledge

Our goal is to be the bridge between talent and ambition, ideas and applications, science and new markets, research and business opportunities.


NL Space Campus offers an inspiring, open and dynamic environment where people and organizations can feel at home, excel and are facilitated in their growth and development. Start-ups are facilitated in their journey to scale-up. Grow-up and larger companies or organizations find their current and future talent pool on campus.


NL Space Campus stimulates cooperation and interaction during which the curious can connect and share knowledge. The various groups – space and non-space, upstream and downstream, companies and institutions, national and international authorities – are stimulated to think cross-sectoral, to challenge each other and connect on existing and rising challenges.


NL Space Campus is the specific knowledge application area. Companies and institutions implement the available aerospace technology data, both jointly and individually. This results in new activities, spin-offs, innovation and new economic players who are able to successfully valorize their products and services.

connection the curious

NL Space Campus is
the dutch gateway to space

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