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NL Space Campus is the breeding ground for space innovations with a vibrant community that shapes the future together. NL Space Campus provides an ecosystem with the right network, facilities, capital, knowledge and talent to facilitate societal impact through space data innovations and initiatives.

Satellite Kapitaal

Access to capital

We help you find funding opportunities by guiding you through the space ecosystem and the funding landscape, and by connecting you to the right partners.

Access to

With over 3000 high tech professionals, 100+ PHDs, >100 young graduates and many thousands of vocational, applied sciences and academic students, our community is the ultimate hotspot for finding talent in space.

Access to network

By connecting the curious, we help you find the right people to move forward. Our extensive community includes ESA ESTEC’s 3000+ high-tech professionals, world-class academic and applied sciences experts (Leiden-Delft-Erasmus universities and the ITC Faculty at University of Twente amongst others), and countless leading partners within the Dutch space sector.

Access to knowledge

Through close connections with leading knowledge clusters and institutes like ESA ESTEC and our extensive academic and applied sciences network, we focus on facilitating knowledge transfer and application.

Access to facilities

With on-site partners like ESA ESTEC, Galileo Reference Centre, SBIC and the future CometLab, our campus forms the ideal landing spot with facilities such as test labs, meeting spots and office spaces. 

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This is where space happens

NL Space Campus combines an extensive space innovation ecosystem with world-class technical- and business facilities to provide the ideal environment to foster innovation and meaningful connections.

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Two members of the NL Space Campus have been honoured with prestigious awards at the Geospatial…

Naamloos 1

A new giant bulb has been placed next to the Space Business Innovation Centre Noordwijk. The…

The “Agronautics” workshop, held at Wageningen on April 22, brought together stakeholders from the space and…


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22 May 2024
- 22 May 2024

On May 22, 2024, Netherlands Space Office will organize, in cooperation with the Copernicus Relays of Belgium and Luxemburg, the fourth edition of AI4Copernicus. The theme of the fourth edition is “Benelux day for shared challenges on water, infrastructure and soil monitoring”. During this day we work to strengthen relationships between all actors within this sector. At […]

30 May 2024
- 30 May 2024

Every last Thursday of the month at 17:00 CET we host a special Network and Drinks for everyone interested in Space, where multiple start-ups and innovative companies pitch their potential and ideas and visitors can grow their network. The event is on campus at the Space Business Innovation Centre Noordwijk. Every edition we have multiple […]

12 June 2024
- 16 June 2024

You are invited to participate in the seventh edition of the annual ScyLight Conference and the second Quantum Workshop from 12 to 14 June 2024. The conference is the annual meeting of European and Canadian industries, as well as for subject matter experts showcasing the latest developments in the domain of optical and quantum communication technologies […]

Screenshot 2024 02 29 At 14 31 10 20240229143126
13 June 2024
- 17 June 2024

SPACE DATA FOR SOCIAL SOLUTIONS As a government, we want to show that we use satellite data for societal purposes and see more potential and future in this. One way we do this is by stimulating the development of solutions to social issues of the Ministry of Infrastructure & Water Management, using space and earth […]

27 June 2024
- 27 June 2024

Every last Thursday of the month at 17:00 CET we host a special Network and Drinks for everyone interested in Space, where multiple start-ups and innovative companies pitch their potential and ideas and visitors can grow their network. The event is on campus at the Space Business Innovation Centre Noordwijk. Every edition we have multiple […]

29 June 2024
- 5 July 2024

LDE NL Space Campus Summer School provides a hands-on experience in the Dutch space sector. This 7-day programme introduces participants to space organisations like ESA ESTEC, Westend, TNO, Demcon, S[&]T, SRON, and Airbus, helping students understand the basics of space topics and recent developments. Beyond space topics, the Space Summer School emphasises personal growth through […]

Screenshot 2023 09 19 At 14 45 48 20230919144614 640x380
18 September 2024
- 19 September 2024

The European Space Agency (ESA) invites members of the space community to attend the Industry Space Days (ISD) at ESA/ESTEC (Noordwijk, The Netherlands) on 18 – 19 September 2024. Participants will be able to register as of quarter 1 2024. Please note that there will not be a 2023 edition of the ISD. The ISD is […]

29 September 2024
- 6 October 2024

Join NL Space Week together with 10.000+ visitors! This 9-day space extravaganza includes unique experiences and events on exclusive locations in The Netherlands. Together with the entire Dutch space sector, NL Space Week demystifies space by opening its doors for everyone. We connect people, knowledge, talent and money across sectors to help visitors uncover space […]

Logo 20231218143927 640x380
30 September 2024
- 4 October 2024

In 2024, we will receive in the Netherlands – under the leadership of André Kuipers – 100 astronauts from all over the world. Each one is an inspiration of note who has seen our fragile planet from space. NL MOONSHOTS ’24 challenges all Dutch students (MBO/HBO/WO) to think big. To Think Bigger Than Ever and […]

Astronaut Andre Kuipers 20231218093905 640x380
30 September 2024
- 4 October 2024

Mark your calendars with bold ink from 30th September to 4th October 2024! During this week, the XXXV Planetary Congress of the Association of Space Explorers will take place in the Netherlands! To celebrate this occasion, more than 100 international astronauts will visit our country. The congress will be hosted in Noordwijk and Amsterdam, with […]


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LDE NL Space Campus Summer School is a one-week programme tailored for both bachelor’s and master’s students that opens doors to the Dutch space sector. It provides opportunities to gain insights into space agencies, the space industry with topics such as law, business and (satellite) technology, develop interdisciplinary skills, and build a network within the industry.     
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