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Stellar Space ready for manufacturing Aerospace hardware at NL Space Campus

28 april 2021
Stellar Space ready for manufacturing Aerospace hardware at NL Space Campus

Stellar Space Industries B.V. (SSI) a SME that is based on the NL Space Campus has invested into a brand new 5 axis milling machine (industry 4.0 proof). This tailor-made milling machine offers a broad range of services, a wide range of flexibility and has a high cutting performance with maximum precision in any kind of materials. A high tech asset right at the NL Space campus. 

“We are very happy with the results so far, I am glad that with this investment we will be able to respond to the demand and high specification that our customers demand within the Aerospace, Space and High-Tech sector in the Netherlands and abroad. Together with our angel investors SBICP we have made to the first solid step in our Aerospace machine shop, the grand plan is to set up a larger facility for space technology on the NL Space Campus, but for now the first step is to further grow and later move to a larger (shared) facility at the Basecamp of the campus”, says Jerre Sweers, CEO of SSI. SSI already collaborates with many companies within the space industry, in the Netherlands we work with companies such as TNO, Airbus, Hyperion Technologies, Lens R&D, Cosine, NLR, ATG, etc on instruments, systems and components for satellites and launchers.

How does it work?
Different tools are available when developing a prototype/product.

SSI’s milling machine does subtractive manufacturing, a process by which 3D objects are constructed by successively cutting material away from a solid block of material. Some of the advantages of subtractive manufacturing are: the ability to machine extremely thin slices, a smooth and precise result. The milling machine achieves accuracies of below 10 µm in space and can produce a variety of workpiece dimensions that can be manufactured. The machine is also compatible with working materials of all degrees of hardness that are difficult to cut, from aluminum, titanium and high-end nickel alloys.

The customer provides the drawing and 3D model, which will be programmed into the system and the milling machine will start processing the product bit by bit.

The future
SSI movement from Leiden Bio Science Park to the NL Space Campus, they want to enforce the eco-system on the NL Space Campus by providing facilities and services to work with the companies that are based on the NL Space Campus but also attract other companies and Start-ups in the future and further strengthening the ties with ESA ESTEC. Jerre believes that the campus is the ideal place for their company as all the major companies pass by here to visit ESA ESTEC, for them it is easy to combine their visit with a visit to SSI or any of the other companies on the campus.

For more info contact: Jerre Sweers

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