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Young talents from the LiS visit NL Space Campus and experience Instrumentation for Space in real life

16 november 2022
Young talents from the LiS visit NL Space Campus and experience Instrumentation for Space in real life

Every semester a small group of students joins the course Instrumentation for Space at the Leiden school of instrument makers (LiS). During this course they learn designing and developing instrumentation specifically for the space industry. They create prototypes for precision machining, glass processing, optics, and mechatronics. An excursion to NL Space Campus, where they get access to LENS R&D, Stellar Space Industries, SBIC and Space Applications, is a dream come true for these young talents. They are the future employees for manufacturing working systems for the space industry. For them, exploring the field this way is a unique opportunity and an essential step in becoming the space engineer of the future! 

Students from the Leiden school of instrument makers (LiS) work on projects towards a product or prototype that works, for a period of five months. The school is renowned for its knowledgeable students and problem-solving approach.  Students are well trained in the mechanical aspects of instruments, but they also have a working knowledge of optics, electronics, and control. One of its alumni is the CEO of Stellar Space Industries, right here on campus. Seeing a former LiS student leading a successful manufacturing company is incredibly inspiring. It is a first-hand experience of where talent and hard work can get them if they set their mind to it, and what it looks like in the real world. Not just school projects and ambitions, but actual products that go out into space. 

About the Leiden school of instrument makers 

The LiS is a vocational school that has been teaching students to become independent (research) instrument makers, for over 100+ years. In the last year of their study, students will spend most of their time on projects. Within those projects, students get to work on a real life case and gain practical experience in manufacturing a product or prototype. In short: they work on the entire process in real life from problem to creating a working system.  

The LiS is always looking for new projects and internships. For more information about (submitting) projects, or if you want to visit the LiS, please contact Frank Molster (molster@lis.nl, tel 06-14274668).

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