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The Space Network and community is growing at Network & Drinks

31 oktober 2022

This time, we had a special edition with almost fifty per cent new faces! That meant loads of opportunities to grow your network, which is our purpose: stimulate, facilitate and connect. And we thank you all for making our new director Marc Sandelowsky feel welcome in the ecosystem!

Three pitches this time:

4F.Studio - Winner of the Light Challenge 2021 with The Lighthouse.

4F.STUDIO is a future-thinking design practice that aims to combine nature and technology responsibly. Working independently and cooperatively with companies and academic institutions, they create installations, mixed-media sculptures, interactive experiences and sustainable products.

The Light Challenge challenges new generations to work with industry and government to come up with innovative concepts for lighting. With the theme 'Glowing Nature', the 2021 edition focuses on innovations in sustainability, health, use of urban greenery and local energy utilisation at micro level. The winning project is The Lighthouse by 4F.The studio is a bioreactor that grows algae at night by reversing the day/night cycle. Thus, it is used as street lighting, while making optimal use of 'residual' light for algae photosynthesis

Clemessy Eiffage

To give you an example of what Clemessy is about: it has been working with space industry giants like ESA, CNES and ArianeGroup at the Ariane launch pads and ground segments in French Guyana (including the new Ariane 6). They’ve been working on the validation and qualification of satellite integration, batteries, solar array wings and payloads. Clemessy also delivers specialised equipment for simulators of space programmes such as Bepi Colombo, ATV, Galileo, Venus Express, Rosetta and ESA’s Mars Sample Return Orbiter. The engineering company Clemessay Eiffage is a brand of Eiffage Energy Systems. Clemessy Netherlands BV focuses primarily on the international space industry. It is part of the ‘Automotive, Transport and Space’ (AST) division.

Read more about Clemessy Eiffage being established in The Netherlands.

And we ended the pitches with good news from NL Space Campus itself: an update about the new design of Fablab, which will be built by the end of 2023!

Next edition Network & Drinks and Farewell to Esther 24 November

In the upcoming edition of November 2022, you are welcome to join us and you will get a chance to say farewell to Esther. She appreciates the years she has committed to NL Space Campus and looks forward to saying thank you to you in person. There will also be 1-minute pitches, which you can apply for at the event itself. 

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