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Student workshop Space Campus Noordwijk

22 maart 2021
Student workshop Space Campus Noordwijk

On 16th of February an international group of (former) students from the Leiden University- Astronomy & Space law, TU Delft โ€“ Aero Space engineering and Erasmus University attended an online workshop of Space Campus Noordwijk. The Workshop had the purpose of informing a representative group of LDE students about Space Campus, the range of ideas for developing the campus site and the collaboration with LDE.

Above all, this workshop was organised to solicit input from one of the important audiences on campus: the students. To get information about their ideas about the Space Campus and what knowledge they have of space campus.

Some ideas from the students on how to strengthen the Space Campus development and the collaboration between LDE students and Space Campus were:

  • Digital Space Campus platform (for internships, jobs, for courses, for interaction with industry)

  • Special student events to inform, involve and make connections with students.

  • Mini videos of what doing a certain job/having a certain career means, so people can orient on what they want to do with their degrees or Guest lectures from companies to get an impression of a job.

  • Use the potential of the students more, i.e. students teaching children

  • Consider also a Summer School for elementary students or hosting outreach events for secondary school students with LDE students

  • Having a dedicated area for students would be welcome. Something like a regular monthly event. We could have a student corner. It will create blended learning.

The workshop was received with a lot enthusiasm and the LDE students provided some valuable input, they are eager to share their knowledge and are in general very enthusiastic about the ideas of NL Space Campus. They stated that they wished to stay in touch and to stay involved and to involve their student communities.

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