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Accelerate your business in the new space economy

05 oktober 2021
Accelerate your business in the new space economy

An international business programme for space professionals

By: René Olie

While the space economy is growing and the number of entrepreneurs and companies using space technologies is rapidly increasing, business education specifically targeting the sector is still more or less absent. Many firms in the space sector start with great ambitions and ideas, but they often realise that they lack the management knowledge and skills to grow their business. Many entrepreneurs and professionals in the sector have a technical background and have limited knowledge of the strategic, organisational and leadership challenges that face start-ups and scale-up companies. Non-space firms interested in entering the space sector to exploit its many opportunities, face the opposite challenge. 


They have general management experience and expertise, but they lack industry-specific knowledge and networks. To meet the growing need for business education in the space sector, three European business schools launched the first international space business education programme which will start in November 2021. The three top business schools, University of St. Gallen from Switzerland, Nova School of Business and Economics from Portugal, and Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University from the Netherlands, offer this unique programme in close collaboration with ESA Space Solutions. 


The six-month programme consists of three residential weeks of 3-5 days each, located in three different European countries (Switzerland, Portugal and the Netherlands). During the modules, participants work on a personal impact project, which challenges them to directly apply their learnings and make real and relevant impact on their business and role. At the end of the programme, participants will present their work to stakeholders at ESA ESTEC, the European Space Technology and Research Centre, in the Netherlands. 


For more information about the programme go to: www.spaceforbusiness.eu

Contact info@spaceforbusiness.eu or connect with René Olie via LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/73183881

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