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N&D March: Snow does not hinder the Space Community from networking

06 april 2022

Again a really good networking event, eventhough outside it was snowing (!), over 70 people made it to SBIC and even online some good networking was done! We enjoy seeing so many, meeting new people and (re)meeting known ones again. Every month we keep seeing new faces, from old and new companies and organisations, and of course all known faces may not always know each other.


We saw a young professionals, such as ESA YGT’s, students from Universities of Leiden, The Hague, TU Delft. Multiple people from NSO, and people attending from LioniX, Criar Space Systems, Stellar Space Industries, S&T, Space4Good, Revolv Space, Lens R&D, Survey Intelligence, PLNT Leiden, Da Vinci Satellite, Void & Visual, Airborne Aerospace BV, Celestia STS, HDES, ATG, and Spacefluencers. And also new faces such as the community manager of Unmanned Valley, new faces from NSO and even the group of ESA YGT’s is constantly growing. So always new collaborations and meetings are happening. Together we grow the space community, spread the potential the space sector has to offer, and support, motivate and facilitate new collaborations and meetings. 


The stage this time started with an exciting pitch from Meteory:

They gather data from different satellites programs, collecting precise measurements of CO2 emissions and other greenhouse gases around the world. The granularity of concentration enables the platform to measure precise areas, with data up to five years in time. Our platform aims to identify the local emissions, classify the sources and sinks of carbon, and recognize the pattern over the years. Subsequently, it would diagnostic the health of lands, forests, and soils to create the best carbon emission diagnostic tool. Combining the precise satellite measurement and their in-house algorithms to establish a carbon diagnostic,  platform delivers the trends and evolution of carbon emissions, identifying the possible scenario over time.

Next was an interesting pitch from SmartQare, who will also pitch for the Royal visit April 7 at SBIC Noordwijk: 

SmartQare will provide Healthcare as a Service (H.a.a.S), a Multisensor 24/7 Remote Patient Monitoring Solution. The solution continuously measures physiological values to assess the clinical situation of in-hospitalised patients, senior citisens in nursing homes and seniors at home. They support (data driven) decisions and through smart algorithms and predictive software inform healthcare professionals about specific interventions. Ultimately SmartQare contributes to a more efficient, effective and sustainable healthcare system and increases for instance the self-reliance of the elderly.

Third up was a Rijkstrainee working at NSO, a new face, who is working on the survey:   

This survey was launched by the Netherlands Space Office (NSO) in order to obtain an up-to-date picture of the trends in, and the wishes of, the Dutch space sector. They are looking for parties that are active in the full width of the space domain. These are not only organisations for which this is their main activity, but also suppliers of hardware, parties who provide supporting services and parties who use remote sensing data as crucial input in their services. Of course we hope to share the results from their findings in a future Network&Drinks!

Also very exciting and important: LDE NL Space Campus Summerschool Applications have openened!

During this summerschool students will meet and learn about the various space programmes, developments and research activities at the three universities and go on a tour of space agencies (ESA ESTEC, Netherlands Space Office, SRON, TNO, AirbusDS, SBIC, Unmanned Valley), institutes and industry in Zuid-Holland. Starting at the NL Space Campus in Noordwijk at ESA-ESTEC, the technical heart of ESA, you will tour the cities of Leiden and Delft before returning to Noordwijk. During the week, you will meet many experts, learn about the basics and recent developments. This way you can work on your team’s challenge fully prepared. 
The week also includes several fun and non-space events. You will get to know the other participants as well as learn about each other’s strengths, knowledge and approaches to problem solving. This is important because you will need to combine your strengths to work in interdisciplinary teams to solve space sector challenges that require insight and knowledge from different backgrounds. You will therefore grow many (soft)skills such as collaboration, communication and creative thinking. 

If your interested as a company, you can join as a coach, an expert, supportive roles, we also have spots in the jury for the end presentations on Friday July 1st. The Summerschool offers place for 50 students, which makes it very interesting for a company to get to know these upcoming talents and professionals, and we offer a chance to share promotional material from companies in their welcoming bag. 

We are excited for next month, welcoming you totally in the style of our native orange, just after Kingsday, join us! 

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