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Serious Request Fundraiser: Space for the Rainforest

17 december 2021

Every year, Radiostation 3FM runs a charity fundraising event called Serious Request and the Glass House is back! This year it supports the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), with specific projects to conserve the rainforests in South America. Two enthusiastic women from the Space Community are setting up a fundraising campaign and with it draw attention to "Space for the Rainforest". You can join their campaign! 

Rainforest Monitoring from Space

Earth observation satellites have been around for nearly four decades, providing information on global resources and environmental change. Public missions, such as NASA’s Landsat mission and the Copernicus Sentinel mission, have catalysed many downstream scientific and industrial applications. 

Forest monitoring is an important area that has benefited from improving Earth observation systems. One area within forest monitoring that is rapidly advancing with the interoperability of public and commercial satellites, is validating and classifying deforestation alerts. Traditionally, deforestation alerts have been powered by 30m or 10m per pixel satellite data feeds. With universal access to <5m per pixel commercial satellite data feeds now available through the NICFI Satellite Data Program, validating and classifying deforestation alerts is becoming more efficient, accurate, and actionable than ever. (source)

Read more about Space data against deforestation in an article from Groundstation.space.


This year, the event supports the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), with specific projects to conserve the rainforests in South America. Groundstation.Space Board Member Linda van Duivenbode and NL Space Campus Community Manager Maaike Smelter have set up a fundraising campaign to draw attention to “Space for the Rainforest”!

Satellites and space data have been documenting deforestation and the disastrous consequences for biodiversity and climate for years – how nice would it therefore be for the Dutch space community to raise money, and at the same time show the role of Dutch knowledge in technology and data applications?

Donate to 3FM Serious Request

For this, they have organised an initiative so you can support their idea! Linda and Maaike are running a fund raising campaign for 3FM Serious Request. We would love for you to join and support this campaign. Please have a look and support their fund raiser here!

They will present the amount donated to 3FM at the Glass House in Amersfoort. Of course, they will name everyone who participated. When they go live, the link will be shared and you can follow their progress via the 3FM website.


About the women

Maaike Smelter (NL Space Campus) has a background in sustainable energy and societal issues, is an ambassador and has served on the board of the Climate and Energy (KEK) Foundation. With this action, she wants to raise awareness of space solutions that can help solve climate issues.


Linda van Duivenbode (Groundstation dotSPACE) is a member of WWF and Land van Ons (agroecology cooperative) and an ambassador of  the Climate and Energy (KEK) Foundation. With this action, she wants to make the social relevance of space visible. Linda is a board member of the dotSPACE foundation.

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