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ROEM-II Interactive meeting- the future of the manufacturing industry

19 maart 2021
ROEM-II Interactive meeting- the future of the manufacturing industry

On Monday 1 February an on-line and interactive discussion on the future of the South Holland manufacturing industry during ROEM-II took place. This online event was organised by the Economic Board Zuid-Holland, HI (the high-tech platform of Zuid-Holland) and Innovation Quarter. They set up a draft plan with a group of entrepreneurs and others: the Action Agenda for the Technological Industry, with the aim to strengthen collaboration between innovation hot spots in Zuid-Holland and to accelerate innovation. As Space Campus is seen as an important hotspot of the in total 10 innovation hotspots in Zuid-Holland, we were requested by the organisation of ROEM II to participate as a hotspot, by inviting partners from our Space Campus network to the event and to our break out session. We were delighted to see we were the most visited hotspot and break out session with 33 visitors.

Esther Peters held a presentation about the development of the NL Space Campus followed by a discussion, which was facilitated by the ROEM II organisation.

We noted in general of the responses during and after the event that the topic of laser sat communication as the focus area and the mentimeter questions were perceived as restrictive for the Space Campus hot spot break out session. An important topic but … Also from Space Campus side we felt that the topics and questions did not completely match and reflect the plans, ideas, ambitions and challenges that we are working on together with the NL Space Campus. Some of the comments were:

  • Although Satellite Laser Communication is an interesting development for the space sector and a part of the space data theme for generation and exchange, it should not be a focus area but part of the overall space data value chain

  • The product chain should be wider, makes use of data. How to make the data relevant for climate change for example. Include applications driven by this constellation.

  • Link the space agenda with the national AI agenda

  • Maybe an additional product chain is required for Space Data and applications. Space Campus is already exploring the concept of a Space Data Hub.

  • How are we addressing this topic? Is it a manufacturing business model or service? The approach should be both. Use the Laser Satcom as a good industrialization (upstream). What are we going to do?

We (as Space Campus) received also valuable feedback confirming the ambition of the Space Campus: be inclusive and involve the full space value chain from upstream space assets through data generation, analysis and processing to downstream applications and use for society.

We were happy to host this session as a hot spot as we believe in a stronger collaboration of innovation hot spots in Zuid-Holland and to strengthen forces.

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