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Pictures, video and recap of Network&Drinks June

09 juli 2022

Again another great NL Space Campus Network & Drinks this last Thursday of the month June, with over 65 people attending. Every time there are new faces and therefore opportunities to make new contacts. This time multiple Young Graduate Trainees from ESA we have never met before, found this edition’s Network & Drinks at SBIC. There were known people from NSO, ESA, NLF and SBIC start-ups, but also new meetings with people from AAC Hyperion, Ministry of Defence, Westend and S[&]T Engineering. There was great energy, many good conversations and we toasted happily on the first birthday of BRIKK-II. It was again a good combination and mixture of people from business, knowledge institutes and government. New innovations start with new contacts, ideas and actions. And that is the purpose of Network & Drinks: Stimulating chance encounters between different blood groups!


We had multiple pitches this event, from ESA BIC incubatee Arceon, Martin van der Pol about the Defence Innovation Competition 2022: Into Space, and how you can join the Copernicus Masters programme with your idea! You can rewatch them in the video below and find your picture from the event also below the article. 


N&D XL September 2022


About Arceon:

Arceon B.V. is a start-up, working on the development on economic parts and structures made of ceramic matrix composites (CMC). So called ArCarb material is characterized by carbon fibers, embedded in silicon carbide matrix. It offers high temperature and thermal shock stability, high chemical, and abrasion resistance, as well as low thermal expansion. Low density and a quasi-ductile fracture behaviour enable lightweight and reliable structures. Typical application areas are thermal protection and propulsion systems in aerospace. Due to Arceon’s fast process and low-cost raw materials, carbon ceramics can compete with refractory metal alloys. Satellite thrusters, solid rocket motors, airframes, thermal protection systems, and telescopic structures, are some of the products being developed for the Space & Defence sector. The technology from Space and Defence is transferred to the components in the refractory furnaces. The material will also board on International Space Station under ESA’s Euro Material Ageing project. They are currently raising their first round of investment for €600K which will enable customer specific database and in-house Research and Development, and small scale production.


About the Defence innovation Competition 2022: Into Space

The Dutch Ministry of Defence is currently a relatively small player in the space domain with limited resources of its own. With the ambition to change this in the coming years, they are looking for new, creative and out-of-the-box ideas to grow the Defence and Military Space domain. In order to stimulate the Dutch space ecosystem and help the Ministry of Defence to increase its capabilities in the space domain, the 19th edition of the innovation competition is focusing on the space industry. The Ministry of Defence organises this edition of the innovation competition together with the NL Space Campus. 

On 14 July, the information day for this year's Innovation Competition will take place at the NL Space Campus in Noordwijk and is open to all startups and SMEs interested in participating. The best idea for the Defence Innovation Competition 2022 wins € 200,000,- and the finale will happen at the end of November 2022 at NL Space Campus.

Find out  more and register for the information day >>  https://www.eventbrite.com/e/3...


About the Copernicus Masters

Do you have a solution with EO-data that can serve our planet? Then apply for the Copernicus Masters 2022 to further develop your ideas! Winners will receive prizes ranging from cash to direct access to commercial EO-data and support from experts. You can apply for a variety of topics, including Artificial Intelligence, health, smart agriculture, digital transportation and more. 

 Read More >> https://www.nlspacecampus.eu/d...


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