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NL Space New Year's Reception 2023

08 februari 2023

For the 2023 New Year’s celebration event, forces were combined between NSO, Spacened and NL Space Campus. In this collaborative networking event, the main focus was young talent and the future of the space technology sector. The director of NSO (Harm van de Wetering), director of NL Space Campus (Marc Sandelowsky) and the chairman of the board of Spacened (Jeroen Rotteveel) shortly talked about their vision for the upcoming year. The best part of the programme (next to the photobooth of course!) was the presentation of the new board of the Spacened Young Professionals Network (SNYP), consisting of Bastiaan Bom (Dawn Aerospace), Nick Poelstra (CGI Space), Ewa Kadziolka (TNO) and Bram Hof (Airbus DS).

There was a lot of networking by a large and diverse set of visitors. Together we toasted on the bright future of the exciting space industry. We made a short aftermovie.

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