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N&D Febr: Pictures, Pitches and Videos

07 maart 2022

With over 75 people in total physically present at SBIC, Network&Drinks in February was attended among others by people from Sobolt and LioniX all the way from Noord-Holland to Noord-Brabant, almost 10 Young Graduate Trainees from ESA, Innovation Quarter and of course last but not least members of the local community such as Stellar Space, Lens R&D, Groundstation.Space, HE Space and HDES, and many more. The companies that pitched first off were incubatee Mapture.ai and Survey Intelligence & Surveillance, who are about to finish their ESA BIC incubation programme. As third presenter there was UVL Robotics, based at Unmanned Valley, and last one was an update from Celestia STS about the news that they received a GO on building an Antenna Measurement Test Facility on Campus. 


Bart Slinger from Mapture.ai

“We basically take a drone, folded a box around it and connect it to the internet, for convenience to also control the drone from an office on the other side of the country. We can do all kinds of cool things with it, such as for security reasons, where there are only sensors in the area, but no cameras, or for example inspection of oil silos and chemical plants.”


Reda Meftahi from Survey Intelligence and Analytics

“Ground movement generates stress, which causes deformation. What we do is measure ground movement impact on society by stating facts, followed by data availability, and access to intelligence. We convert the current data into high accuracy and high-resolution data, and with it we can measure the stress.”


Dimitre Tarasov from UVL Robotics

Told us about his drone innovation:“Warehousing is just a lot of pallets with information on it about the products inside. We build fully autonomous drones that read the information per product, which makes businesses more accurate and faster, especially during the covid situation, than having people inside. We already work with big names in Europe and by working with universities in The Netherlands we already create a lot of neat jobs.”


Tomas Malinauskas from Celestia STS

Based just a few hundred meters away from SBIC: “Celestia Technologies Group builds satellite test and operation equipment and various other ground based satellite communication systems. Two years ago we sat down with the question: how could we employ our skills and add value for the NL Space Campus environment? We decided to develop an antenna testing facility here on campus, which is suitable for 5G, radars, wireless sensors testing. Before any radio-frequency emitting device is allowed to be used, it has to be properly tested and qualified. As connectivity of our life is increasing at unprecedent pace we foresee a big demand of various antennas testing. We estimate that in 12 to 14 months, we will have the facility build and we are looking for companies and people who are interested to contribute with their knowledge or in kind, meaning financial, labor resources, equipment, or any other business ideas.”


During the entire event people could watch the livestream from back home, done by 13 people, and all the pitches have been recorded. This way we can offer the space community opportunities to meet and network, to people who cannot be physically in Noordwijk at that moment, are in another country for example, and people who want to experience the pitches and get to know more startups in the space business. The startups that pitch get direct video content which they can use for their own marketing purposes. By having a hybrid event, we cross boundaries between sectors, large distances and grow the networking possibilities. 


If you are interested to join the growing space community and/or want to grow your network with space professionals, join the next edition on March 31st in SBIC and/or online! The focus of the next Network&Drinks March 31st will be GNSS, in line with the CubeSat Workshop that is happening at SBIC beforehand. If you are interested to pitch this upcoming year, let us know through this form. We will get back to you when you are invited on stage. 


Invite people for next Network&Drinks March 31

You are welcome to invite anyone to the Network&Drinks who is interested in space and/or GNSS, wants to work with (companies in) Space/GNSS and/or wants to broaden his/her network in the area of Space/GNSS. Of course, this networking event is open and brings opportunities to everyone who is interested in Space. We are looking forward to another great event where you will always leave with 1 new idea, 1 new contact and 1 new action!

Yes I want to be there! 

You can watch the pitches here:

And pictures from the event February 24:

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