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Minister of Economic Affairs and Climate Micky Adriaansens visited our sector

29 juni 2022
Minister of Economic Affairs and Climate Micky Adriaansens visited our sector

Last month, Minister of Economic Affairs and Climate Micky Adriaansens visited us. Starting at Airbus in Leiden and meeting important parties such as SpaceNed, NSO, Airbus, KNMI, TNO, APP, VDL, Planet, Cosine and CGI and ending at the NL Space Campus at ESA ESTEC. During her drive from Leiden to Noordwijk, Esther Peters of NL Space Campus had the opportunity to talk with the Minister about the campus development and how knowledge sharing, collaboration and entrepreneurship is facilitated to stimulate and promote open innovation. To create more impact with space technology and data in other sectors. 

At ESA ESTEC, the Minister had a meeting with ESA Director General Josef Aschbacher and the acting Director of Technology, Engineering and Quality of ESA and head of ESTEC in Noordwijk, Torben Henriksen on the Dutch investment in ESA. 

During the overall visit, the importance of the added value of space technology and data for challenges in other sectors was underlined, as well as the importance of the Netherlands developing a long-term vision on space (like our neighbouring countries), and that investments in ESA must reach at least the average GNP level, if the Netherlands is to continue to innovate in the field of space.   

The importance of earth observation, emission monitoring, autonomous access to space and laser communication and security was emphasised. As for the prospects, social impact and cooperation in the chain to solve these challenges from space technology and data. The Minister was also introduced to the space cluster and its ambition and how the innovation ecosystem is being strengthened. Amongst others by SpaceNed and NL Space Campus development. 

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