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LENS R&D celebrates 10-year anniversary

16 november 2022

We are excited to congratulate the successful ESA BIC incubatee that now celebrates their 10-year anniversary: LENS Research & Development, located on NL Space Campus!  

In 2012, LENS R&D started as a small company within the ESA BIC programme to work on Sunsensors for concentrated photo voltaic (CPV) terrestrial applications. A decade later, the company is selling world-class and unique Sunsensor for space applications.

Earlier this year, Lens R&D B.V performed the final test needed to reach the full ESA qualification for the extended temperature Sunsensors BiSon64-ET en BiSon64-ET-B. In addition, a third sensor called MAUS ran through the same programme without any flaws. An important milestone, because it is the world’s first radiation hardened Sunsensor for Cubesat applications to achieve this.  

“Over the past decade we faced a lot of setbacks, but we endured and were able to overcome them. I am sure that the next 10 years will be as exciting, but the big difference is that on top of ideas and concepts we now also have products to sell.” Johan Leijtens, Founder and Systems Engineer at LENS R&D B.V. 

Together with Systematic Design B.V. of Delft, LENS R&D B.V is now developing a single chip digital sun sensor for the European Space Agency. The agency has been working on the development of such a sensor for more than 25 years but until now no commercially viable solution is available. Building a radiation hardened single chip sun sensor that is also commercially viable is a big challenge, but not one that is out of LENS R&D’s reach. 

If you want to know more and reach out to them, go to https://www.linkedin.com/compa... 

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