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Sept 29 Graduation Event Space for Business

29 september 2023

Where Space Meets Business - Invitation Graduation Event Space for Business

On September 29, Space for Business students will graduate from the second edition of the programme. The Space for Business programme is a business education programme for space professionals and entrepreneurs. Three leading European business schools offer it. 

On graduation day, participants will present the results of their personal impact project which they have initiated during the programme to a select audience at ESA ESTEC. The impact project challenges participants to apply their learning to a concrete change project. This may be on a topic that is related to their personal ambitions or addressing the strategic challenges in their organization. Topics range from “How can I build my own space business advisory?”, and “ How to face the competition of NewSpace ?” to “How to finance NewSpace in Europe?’. Many topics are interesting for a broader audience.

The presentations will take place at ESTEC, from 9.00-12.00 hrs. If you are interested in attending these presentations in person or online, you can register by clicking here. The list of topics and presentations will be announced closer to the date. 

For more information about the Space for Business programme:



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