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Nov 30 Defence Innovation Competition: Into Space FINALS

30 november 2022
Nov 30 Defence Innovation Competition: Into Space FINALS

The finals for the 2022 Defence Innovation Competition: Into Space, will take place November 30 in the National Military Museum in Soest. 

The selection process consists out of a team of experts from the Ministry of Defence, and experts from the field. The proposals who have been selected for the finals are innovative, fit the current scale the Ministry of Defence is looking for and fits within the set frameworks of the competition. Mainly smaller solutions with a lot of added value for the defence domain. Think about data processing and open source. The final proposals will be presented on november 30 in the National Military Museum in Soest. 

The winning proposals are from:

  • Science[&]Technology Group
  • Cohere Consultants
  • AAC Clyde / Hyperion
  • Dawn Aerospace
  • ISISpace

The winning proposal will receive up to 200.000 Euro budget to realise their innovative idea and get the Ministry of defence as a launching customer. Proposals who didn’t win, still get attention and might have the opportunity to be picked up by other departments at the Ministry for future projects. The finals will also be a good place to network with the Dutch ministry of Defence. 


10:00 entrance and welcome

11:00 start programme, followed by a lunch and some time to enjoy the museum when the judges discuss the winner

15:00 winner will be announced and afterwards there is some time to network with the Dutch Ministry of Defence

16:30 end of event. 

This event can be attended upon invitation or if you want to join you can apply by sending an email to hj.vd.broek@mindef.nl

You can find more information about the competition here: https://www.nlspacecampus.eu/d...

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