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June 30 - Network&Drinks June 2022 @ SBIC Noordwijk

30 juni 2022

Next Thursday June 30, 17.00 – 19.00 hours we invite you to our monthly NL Space Campus Network&Drinks, happening every last Thursday of the month (except for the Summer and Christmas break). Be very welcome and please register, which you can do so here.


The event is @SBIC Noordwijk (Kapteynstraat 1, Noordwijk) and will start with a short opening speech and update on NL Space Campus and SBIC Noordwijk (about the Copernicus Masters!), followed by pitches and ending of course with (the most important!) the networking part. During the networking part you can also meet and talk to our partners such as SBIC, NSO, SpaceNed, NVR, ESA ESTEC, LDE universities and Spacefluencers.  

In this edition right before the summer, we are excited to offer you pitches from:

-       ESA BIC startup Arceon that makes new composites that can be used under extreme conditions such as in space

-       the winner of the Cassini hackathon 2022 named jEarny, who designed a meetup platform for sustainable activities in your local area or vacation destination. 

-       new community partner of SBIC TeekensKarstens advocaten

-       Ministry of Defence about the Defence innovation Competition 2022 (into Space!), learn how you can get involved and win €200,000 to develop your innovative idea further! 


After this edition the NL Space Campus N&D will go on summer break and return with an XL version in September on the 30thduring The Space Week. So please be extra welcome this coming Thursday to toast together to a good summer, and to take at least one new contact, idea and action home.   


Be welcome and invite people

Together we make the campus a meeting place for the space (interested) community! A place and platform where entrepreneurs, education, research, government, and the environment meet. A place and platform where open innovation originates. This often starts with a chance encounter, a shared passion, a new idea. Bring colleagues we don't know yet, startups that want to meet other startups, young professionals that want to meet older professionals, and maybe even that curious potential investor. Feel free and welcome to share this invitation with people in your network who are also curious to join our Network & Drinks and to join the growing space community of NL Space Campus. 

Register here https://www.eventbrite.com/e/r...

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