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GreenportLIVE: Workshops Autonomous Cultivation

17 februari 2022

With drones, sensors and data for sustainable bulb growing and greenhouse horticulture

This event is in Dutch and requires registration.

Besides the ornamental plant cluster of the Top Sector Horticulture, the Dune and Flowerbulb Region has even more appealing clusters. On Thursday 17 February, during our next GreenportLIVE, we will join forces with the drone and sensor technology cluster Unmanned Valley from Katwijk and the space cluster NL Space Campus from Noordwijk.

Former Valkenburg Airport is the setting for the presentation of an attractive and varied programme of inspiring introductions, enthusiastic demonstrations and in-depth workshops. During this packed afternoon programme, technical 'builders' as well as developers, software and training and education will be discussed. This makes the programme particularly interesting for participants who are already working on or are very interested in the possibilities that drones, sensors and data can offer to make cultivation more sustainable, both in the bulb fields and in the greenhouse.

The programme

The line-up is as follows on Thursday 17 February 'from 13.00-16.30 hours:

We will start with a brief explanation of the current status of autonomous cultivation from the perspective of horticulture by someone involved in the National Experimental Garden for Precision Farming and from a technical perspective by someone from TU Delft.
Subsequently, CGI, AirHub, MAVLAB, PATS and Geronimo.ai will explain the opportunities they see and how they are already active in the horticultural sector.
After an indoor demonstration by PATS or MAVLAB, we will further explore the opportunities for cooperation through in-depth workshops. During these workshops, at least the aforementioned parties and Neo, Aerialtronics and Drone Flight Company will be present.
After a demonstration outside, the day will be concluded with a snack and drink and the opportunity to continue or discuss the day.

Purpose of the meeting

By organising this meeting, we want to contribute to getting to know each other better and better the people and organisations that are active in the various (clusters of) sectors involved. We think that this will inspire everyone to further innovate our beautiful sector and to provide a quality impulse that contributes to our global leading position.

As far as we are concerned, a good follow-up activity would be at least one or more new concrete collaborations between parties from technology and horticulture. Next time, we would also like to approach this issue from the current applications of precision agriculture or autonomous cultivation that we already know.

After GreenportLIVE we will send a review of all the companies and introduce the cooperation Greenport and Innovation Voucher.

Sign up

Because of the corona regime that applies now, and probably also on 17 February, we do think it's responsible to let this meeting take place physically, but we can offer space to a maximum of 75 people. So register in good time (before Tuesday 15 February 12.30) and be there when you have registered, or cancel if you cannot come after all. We work with tests for access, you will receive more information after registration.

When you register, we will also ask you to make a choice of workshops. Please choose two workshops and we will make an allocation based on that.

If you would like to register now, please send an e-mail to eva@greenportdb.nl.

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