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Curiosity II: Radiation

10 februari 2022


NL Space Campus, together with ESA ESTEC and LDE Universities, organises a Curiosity Series which offers the base for stimulating knowledge sharing, strengthening the network of researchers and open innovation. This event is also open for other universities and knowledge institutes. 

Due to the success of the first edition, we are excited to bring to you the second edition on February 10 in 2022. This edition will be online and requires registration. You can already register and stay updated about the event. 

The challenge topic will be: 

Radiation and effect on hardware and electronic components in the space environment 

This is a recurring event and will repear every 3 months. If you are not able to attend this event, you can register for our newsletter and stay updated about future events. If you have registered for a former event and/or this event, you will automatically stay updated about the Curiosity Series. 

Your current challenge can be next. Bring your current challenges to us for future events and discussions to find solutions specifically for your field and projects by contact us at info@nlspacecampus.eu

With this new Curiosity series, together with ESA ESTEC and LDE Universities, we bring a platform where current challenges from researchers in the field of Space are discussed. By joining you connect with other experts in the research field of Space on the level of content, sharing knowledge and challenges. With a focus on strengthening the network and knowledge sharing of researchers between ESA ESTEC, LDE universities and other key players in the field of space such as SRON and TNO. By sharing your top (research) ideas and challenges about Space and working together, you bring your ideas and solutions to the next level.

Let’s inspire, discuss space challenges and find a solution together.

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If you are interested to join the active community of Researchers from this Series and want to discuss and network further online, you can do so by joing the linkedingroup Space research Challenges and Solutions Sharing Netherlands. 

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